Market seeder/owner looking for corp/alliance

(Will Devonshire) #1

My corp [STAIO] is looking for an alliance to join - I want to seed markets, and if possible, deploy ECs to support market ops, mfg, research/inv, reprocessing, etc. I’ll pay for the ECs and modules, I’m just looking for a new experience and am hoping that joining an alliance will give me the chance to learn something new and maybe make a few friends while I’m at it. If anyone’s interested, please reply or message me in-game at Will Devonshire. Thanks!

(lost packet) #2

HI buddy,

If you haven’t managed to find anything suitable as yet feel free to PM me in game or join our public channel EVE-FLEET.

We are a null sec alliance based in providence and could be worth having a chat, nothing to loose either way.