(ALPHA) Uh... New-sih (revisiting EVE) Caldari Pilot - LF Money Making Corp?

As the title goes: I’m looking for a Corp to make money in. I quit Eve about a year ago because of work changes, revisiting and find it hard to restart my EVE life.

I have NEVER been in a player owned Corp. I mostly ran High sec security and avoid low-sec because I didn’t want to lose my $600 mil ship. I haven’t done much mining, no hacking, no treasure hunting, no trading, no bounties… just Security and some transportation missions.

Um… I’m really trying to find a better way to make money, a way that’s not going to cost me a ship every once in a while. I’ve never performed an ‘incursion’ either. I mainly fly missile boats.

Hello @Tricia_Welhan , I am a recruiter for Internet Terrorists. We are located in the fade region of null sec space with Mordus Angels alliance. We own r32 moons and have a strong indy core with alot of pvp and capital alts. We have available in corp jump freighter services and even an alliance fc.
https://discord.gg/txhxpgB is a link to our corporate discord. Stop by and check us out.

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