ALtercations Anonymous - A Different Type of 12-Step Program

Hello capsuleers,

I’m John Whittaker, a recruiter for ALtercations Anonymous, a relatively small corporation in the sovereign alliance Warped Intentions, a member of Legacy. I’m also glad to say that we’re open to recruitment for pilots of all professions. Explorers, miners, ratters, PvP junkies (both small gang and fleet), we want you all!

We offer a lot of things to our members, both as a corporation and as a function of our alliance.

  • 0% tax rate! - This is incredibly rare for nullsec corporations, as I’m sure you know. We don’t ask members to give up any of their hard-earned ISK to the corp, leaving you free to grind towards that Nyx or Hel that much faster.
  • Multiple fully-upgraded ratting systems! - We have sovereign space in both Catch and Immensea, giving you free access to both Sansha and Angel rats.
  • Multiple fully-upgraded mining systems! - Rocks don’t change (mostly, if you wanna be technical about it), but you still have your pick of mining systems for the most part. There’s usually alliance or corp members boosting in these, so if you’re looking for some sweet boosts, we’ve got you.
  • Plenty of PvP opportunities! - We’ve got tons of local PvP opportunities just a couple jumps away, and as full members of Legacy, we have the opportunity to join their operations, with all the killmails that that entails.
  • Alliance buyback and industry services! -

However, we do ask some things of our members; some of these are alliance-wide.

  • An API for every toon you’ll be bringing. - Non-negotiable. You’ll need to enter your API for every toon in the alliance, as well.
  • Participation in in-frequent corp operations. - These are pretty rare; we haven’t had one since moving to Catch, but when we do have these, we ask for participation. We’ll use the funds generated by these ops to fund structures, fuel costs, and sundry other things which benefit us as a corp. It’s usually mining with Rorqual support.
  • Participation in alliance CTAs. - Again, these are pretty rare. Same deal, though.
  • Participation in and registration for communications software. - The alliance has slack, TS3, and forums. The coalition has discord and mumble servers. We’ve got to be on them all, otherwise you could miss pings for structures, fleets, etc, etc. It’s not as bad as it sounds, honestly. Plus, you never know when a ping could land a super on your killboard.

We’re a relatively chill corporation; the directors don’t ask much from our members. We’re small, so you can get to know each of us for the amazing human beings that we are. We do small-gang PvP from time to time, but the majority of our pew-pew comes from alliance/coalition pings. We’re trying to expand our PvP base, so if you like to small-gang, gatecamp, or drop on unsuspecting explorers in your faction super, we’d love to have you. Nevertheless, we’re a great place to krab your heart out as well. What I’m basically trying to say is that we’re literally the best corporation to join in Eve history.

I’m not biased at all.

Anyways, if what I’ve written here has piqued your interest, pop into our ingame channel: Conversations Anonymous , or contact John Whittaker in-game.

Whether or not you decide to join, fly safe, and have a great day.


John Whittaker
Recruiter, Altercations Anonymous

Still looking to recruit new members. Join the best corp in Eve today!

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