Alternative Catering - Recruiting new members for our Catering Crew. (PvP)

Alternative Catering is currently recruiting players to help expand our Catering Crew.

What does our Catering Crew do?

We work within the Who Dares Wins mercenary alliance to provide effective and affordable application of ammunition for a variety of occasions. We are small, but fierce, looking to add like-minded players to our ranks. Who Dares Wins is a Lowsec based alliance that specializes in providing Mercenary services, Black Ops PvP and salt extraction. All Glory to our Lord Thaddeus Drake.

We are looking for pvp oriented pilots with a good attitude, thick skin and a willingness to learn. Applicants must be Omega and willing/able to utilize TS3 and Discord for voice comms. Bomber and/or Black Ops pilots, content generators and pilots with the skills to use multiple doctrine ships are highly sought after.

Interested pilots should send an eve-mail to Jennsen Paris. Posts made on this thread may or may not receive a reply.

“Free yourselves from the tyranny of gates, be washed in the holy glory of the cynosural field.” - The Purge 2:1

"God wills it!” - Ascension 6:5

We are rock-solid at sitting around, jumping up and down, spinning our toys, and playing with the toys while blowing up other pilots toys, would you be tempted to join us and do the same?

Are you Lonely? Have you wasted half your time doing nothing, pursuing the sins of your dreams?.. Are you sitting at your computer, naked, drinking beer?.. Do you feel the urge to get up and send us a 10 mil? ALMOST? Then join me in random stuff, null, low and highsec fun!

Alternative Catering, Not your normal catering crew. Come to us for a Dish Best Served Cold.

Recruitment is still open. Consider yourself bumped.

Bump for Bombers and Blops Pilots! Come yeet torpedos at things with us!

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