[DYVN] Defying Vision is Recruiting Pilots! USTZ

Welcome Veterans and Newbros,

Thank you for taking the time to read through our recruitment post. I have been where you are now… searching through one recruitment post after another. Trying to find a group to join that you may learn from, socialize with and ultimately relax and have fun playing Eve. I personally enjoy the adrenaline rush of pvp engagements whether big or small. Coming out of a fight with my weapon systems almost burned out from overheating and only 10% hull left. On the flip side, I also enjoy the times just logging in and popping some moon rocks or running missions with corp members or better yet…friends. If you are like minded and enjoy the same, then please read on and hit me up for a convo when you finish.

Our community allows the ability for all new members to feel like they belong, To have a voice and shape the corporation into a VISION we all can look at and be proud of. We live in Genesis/Kador /Domain Lowsec and primarily a USTZ Corp. This gives us ample PVP opportunities. We have the resources, wealth and ability to go anywhere and do anything.

We are part of a great alliance called NO FORKS GIVEN [NFG]. The alliance has lived in the area for roughly 7 years. As a member of the alliance we have access to ALL moons/structures across the alliance from R4-R64. PVP fleets from small faction warfare gangs, Friday night yeet fleets, to major fleet engagements.

Here is what we offer to anyone looking to join:

  • Discord - Main Voice COMM’s. It is an integral part of our community. It’s incredibly easy to setup (takes less than a minute) and is great for socialization, event notifications, and keeping up while you’re on the go.
  • Tons of Experience - PVP knowledge in High Sec, Lowsec, Nullsec, etc. Extensive Knowledge in Industry, Mission Running, Exploration.
  • Newbro Friendly
  • Ore and PI buyback program
  • Zero % Corporation Tax
  • NFG Alliance Support

What we are looking for:

  • Activity - We encourage our members to find a balance between real life and eve life, however RL always comes first. There are NO requirements to be online at certain times.
  • New bro’s and Veteran’s alike.
  • Leadership - As CEO I am always looking for those that want to build the corp up. Recruiters, Fleet Commanders, Logistics, Structured Skill Planner, etc.
  • Video Creator/Editor - Looking for someone that enjoys this and wants to create for the corp and potentially the Alliance.

What do we require from you to join:

  • Good attitude, and ability to take a joke or laugh at yourself
  • Willingness to learn if you’re a new player
  • A quick background check though our Auth Instance
  • Discord

In short, we’re here to have fun. Eve has so many avenues available to us and it doesn’t make sense to not dabble your feet in as many as possible to see if you might like something. So if you want somewhere to casually learn the ropes, or to come and enjoy a bit of everything, come chat with us. Who knows…we may be the last corporation you (hopefully) will ever join.

If you are interested or want to know more, please join our discord with the link below and let us know your interest in our recruitment channel or send Almwen a direct msg in discord or in-game.

Feel free to check out the NFG video of a fun pvp engagement in low-sec.


Getting some good replies. Shoot me a convo!

Lets bump this up. New bro friendly corp.

A few newbros and a few vets have joined us. Welcome!! Come check us out. Lets keep it going!

Come check out what we have going on.

Happy New Years Everyone!!

Keep them coming!!

Come join us and get in on some PVP action.

Lets keep it going

If your looking for the social aspect of Eve like I do, come chat with us and jump in comms. Newbro’s can learn from experienced members whether its PVP, Industry, etc. Drop in our discord and see what we are all about. Hope you see you there!!

I have had the privilege to talk with a lot of good players. Don’t be afraid to come talk with me on our discord comms. We continue to grow and welcome all types of players.

Lets go again

We have some good projects going for industry folks. All are welcome

Lets go again

If you are looking to learn PVP, join us.

Recruitment is still open.

Lets go again

Come see what we are all about!! Fly Dangerous!!

Come check us out.

Continuing to look for active players… Lets talk.