DYVN - Null-Sec Corp Recruitment

Good Day,

I imagine you have already went through several Corp adverts both here and in-game. So, I’m going to try to make this as short and to the point as possible.

Defying Vision has a great group of pilots who enjoy hanging out and conversing with all members of the Alliance. Honestly, as an Alliance we strive to continuously build our community and work together on ALL aspects in Eve. As Defying Vision CEO , I have had the privilege to fly with some of the greatest pilots eve has to offer in my opinion. DYVN is an All-Around corp which includes PVP, Industry, Exploration, etc. We have had the pleasure of being involved in anything from Major PVP Brawls to small gang fun roams. Industry wise we have built ships from frigates to the big boy toys (Caps/SuperCaps).

What Defying Vision offers:

*Newer bro’s we assist with starting the process of isk making.
*Free/ Fun PVP ships to just go out and have fun with.
*Industry Tools at your disposal such as research, ore processing, manufacturing facilities.
*Ore buyback program.
*Tons of experience to feed off of.

  • RL comes first atmosphere.

All That being said, Feel free to send a Convo. or Eve mail one of the below in game:

Almwen (DYVN CEO)
Kencend ( DYVN Director)
Mukali ( DYVN Director)

Thank You,

Defying Vision (CEO)

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Come check us out!

Lets go!

Keep’em Coming!!


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Alemwen, my corporation considers joining your alliance. EVEmail me, if possible.

Took short break from recruiting. Back up and going. Shoot me an eve mail or jump into our recruitment channel.

Post here, send a msg, jump into our recruitment channel. Hit us up and see what we are about.

It’s all about the Fun and Social Aspect! If your not having fun…it may be time for a change.

PVP- Want a place where there are always pvp ops going on? Yet it’s not required. Come check us out.

Industry- Want a place to build anything from items, small ships up to the big toys? Come see what your missing. :wink:

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