DYVN - Null-Sec Corp Recruitment


I will attempt to make this short, as I know some of you have already read through many Corp recruitment posts. Looking for a good Corp/ New Home that fits your personality and playstyle, can sometimes be very daunting. Trust me I know. There is nothing more infuriating then jumping into a corp and finding out that they are nothing like what they advertise to be. We as members of DYVN maintains as much transparency as possible.

With that being said, here is what we offer:
*Newer bro’s we assist with starting the process of isk making.
*Free and fun PVP ships to just go out and have fun with.
*Low to Medium skilled doctrines.
*Industry tools at your disposal such as research, ore processing, manufacturing facilities.
*Mining, Ratting, and PVP opportunities.
*Tons of experience to feed off of.

  • RL comes first atmosphere
    *Discord and TS3

*NO Drama
*No Required CTA’s, Timers, Ops, etc.

If there is any interest, please feel free to contact persons listed below or join our ingame recruitment channel: DYVN.Recruit

Almwen (CEO of DYVN)
Mukali (Director of DYVN)

Are you new to Eve? a Vet? Do you want to make your maximum potential of Isk without the required CTA’s, Ops, Etc. in null? or maybe just want somewhere to relax and hang out in a casual social atmosphere?
Well , we have it! Come check us out and talk with us. Hang out on TS3 for a bit. The choice is yours.

I just realized the ^^^ almost sounds like a commercial…oh well. LOL.

We are a US/AU Timezone corp.

Come check us out:
A couple more things we offer:
Ore Buyback Program
Moon Mining

Forgot to mention in original Post.

Keep’em Coming!
Already receiving good responses.

Are you New to PVP? Do you want to learn?
Or maybe you are a vet that just likes to enjoy the social aspect while Ratting, Mining, or PVP?
Feel free to just send me a chat or we can get you on comms to hang out with the rest of the corps.

Do you like mining ABC ores or rat in Sanctums without CTAs or monthly dues? Check out DYVN.

If instead you’re an F1 junky or going for tackle on everything, ECHO can always use more biomass.

New Pilots and Vets are welcome.
Real Life comes first corp.
No Matter what your preference…pvp, pve, etc, we can help you get things moving.
A lot of experience to feed off of. Don’t hesitate to ask questions.

Keep’em Coming

Hit us up and check us out.

lets keep it going

More bro’s new and veterans are welcome…

Also Looking for some pvp vet’s and new bro’s to join Echo Vision Preternatural and Boundless Retribution Alliance. Got some PVP corps joining the New Alliance for some pvp action. Small to Medium combat. Low skilled doctrines. Alot of experience in the Corp. Check us out.

Echo is an extension of DYVN corp. Get the experience in all aspects of the game. PVP/PVE/Exploration.

Come Check us out!

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