DYVN - Casual NSA Indy nullsec

Greetings Capsuler

We in Defying Vision are looking for pilots willing to make a path for themselves in nullsec. We offer access to daily coalition fleets*, at a minimum weekly mining and ratting fleets with smaller ops regularly, industrial and scientific rigged engineering complexes, free skillbooks and ships, and a diverse selection of friendly and hostile space to explore.

What makes us slightly different than your usual nullsec corp is there are no rental fees, CTAs, or mandatory attendance. Submit your API, run in your application, and then solo rat/mine to your heart’s content. We pride ourselves in taking a casual approach to Eve and let RL take precedence when needed. Whether you want to go on roams with our pvp vets and cuddle up to a friendly orca for boosts or disappear on a solo wormhole hunt, the choice is yours. We also purge inactives, so what you see is what you get.

All skill levels are accepted, we only ask for 3 things before unleashing you on Nullsec.

  1. Full API key through auth. No buts here, you know how nullsec is and if you don’t we’ll be happy to walk you through it. *coalition fleets require separate API key and auth as well
  2. Don’t be an asshat.
  3. Teamspeak 3. Intel channels and NEAR are great, but your ally yelling about a nano-gang 2 jumps out will save you, not those.

Feel free to join our recruiting channel or ask corp leadership any questions you might have. Those interested in capital building, an ability to tell excellent dad jokes, and willingness to compete for top of the killboard move to the front of the line.


Excellent Recruitment Post.

Please Note:

We are an “All Around” corp. No matter whether it is Industry, PVP, or PVE…
Everyone is Welcome!

DYVN is US/AU TZ. Usually around 22:00 - 07:00 Eve Time. Weekends are sporadic due to RL.

So come check us out!

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A recruiter set forth from Detorid,
Who went seeking pilots who were not horrid,
But those he found,
Burned his hopes to the ground,
That awoxed recruiter from Detorid.

Still recruiting guys, hit us up if interested. Check the killboards too, things are interesting lately.

Let try this again.

Come check us out!



Keep’em coming gents/ladies!

I’m a long time veteran player with a history of struggles staying in the game (my SP reflects half my toon’s age). I’ve tried a bit of almost everything, but have usually gotten bored after a while.

I joined Defying Vision a few months ago looking for a more permanent solution in EVE. What attracted me was the emphasis on casual gameplay while also managing to play an important role in a successful nullsec alliance. In the past I’ve usually had to choose one or the other.

The best thing about DYVN is the people you play with. There’s no drama, the corp and the alliance are both run very well, and everyone cares about the success of the group enough that we can expect to get things done while still prioritizing a casual approach to gameplay. Ops are not mandatory, so if RL gets in the way of my game time it’s not a big deal. But participation is rewarding, and when gaming with a good group of folks you tend to care about more than just your own wallet anyway.

I beta tested EVE 15 years ago, and have played off and on since. Defying Vision is easily the best corp I’ve been in, both in terms of my having fun in the game and having meaningful goals to work toward. That and the drama-free, casual playing environment is what makes EVE fun for me.

If that sounds like you, you’ll like us. Everyone’s cool, even that Almwen guy.

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Did I say “even”? I meant especially.

PS. u can edit the ur post :wink:

But that would ruin my pathetic attempt at being funny.

Recruitment is still open!!

Whether your new to the game, or a Vet, all are welcome. We have plenty of experience not only in the corp, but the Alliance as a whole. Even if just to get information, send us an eve mail or msg and we will get with you to chat.

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