Indy/pve toons (PvP capable) looking for a null home

Primarily, attempting to find a home for Indy and isk making in null - 5 toons committed to destroying rock, producing ships and all sorts of goodies that assist with the PvP metric. Logi, support, capital and F1 capable when able too.

Been in EvE a long time, my gametime is now limited due to being a grumpy old guy with kids, wife and work commitments. I can and do PvP but can’t commit to weekly metrics and the such as I can’t always guarantee I’ll be on around cta’s etc. Or whether I’ll be on for an hour or six hours without a kid hanging off me :grin:

Mainly EU/U.K. Tz. But do play in US as well quite often. Looking for the right mix to maximise my gametime.

Post up here or ping an in game mail and I’ll respond asap. o7


I think we have exactly what you’re looking for. I could spend all day telling you what we have to offer, but I’ll sum it up with “ultra safe space, pve ship SRP and a great community”. If you’d like to learn more please feel free to join us whenever in our in game channel: Memes Public

Hope to see you soon. Fly safe! o7


I believe the corp I’m in should be on your radar while you are on your search for a new home. We are currently in null and have been for a while. DYVN is mainly an indy corp, as such, we have access to small through XL EC’s with every T2 rig in the game. We go on weekly mining ops, have access to a large coalition for plenty of PvP content(Strat ops, bombing, CTAs, ect.), and ratting ops; all of which are not required for you to attend:slight_smile:. We are pretty casual and friendly, I would suggest you come sit in our TS to find out if you are the right fit.

Here is our official post on the recruiting forums, feel free to hop in the recruitment channel or mail me:slight_smile:

Good luck on your search!

Thanks to those so far, still in the market will be in touch to discuss asap o7

Give us a look, join our in game channel Pew Squad Pub, or just convo me if I am on :slight_smile:

I own a Null renter Corp you might like. I’ll be in game tonight and try to convince you. The Varden Rex Foundation.

Final bump :+1:t2: