Alwar Fleet is recruiting!


“Join Alwar to learn this one weird trick that turns your VNI into a Nidhoggur ! Tax collectors and ceos love it!”

Alwar Fleet is recruiting! Alwar Fleet is a small tight knit corporation with a long history and a strong EU-TZ focus. We don´t solely focus on just PVP or PVE but instead try to keep a healthy and fun balance with all sorts of activitys you can experience in nullsec. We are part of Slyce.

We don´t force you into a certain playstyle but try to support your personal interests as much as possible whilst working together for the corporation.


• 18+
• A minimum of 20mil SP and Omega
• Discord and Teamspeak
• Working mic preferred
• Atleast being able to communicate in english (we have people from all over europe and even outside of europe so english connects us all)
• No toxic behaviour: Be mature and classy.
• ESI and the usual recruitment processes.

What we offer:

• Active Leadership
• Drama free and relaxed enviroment
• Always things to do and achieve in nullsec
• Nullsec PVP
• Ratting, exploration, moon-mining
• Access to industry and hauling services of the alliance
• Access to our own corp-bpo-library for your industrial needs
• Alliance SRP
• Exotic dancers and tabacco
• 5% ratting-taxes

We are small but relaxed. We do stuff and we try to grow while not loosing the essence of what we are.

If you are interested in a relaxed enviroment, get in contact with: „Purinpu“ , join our ingame recruitment channel: „ALWAR recruitment“ or join our Discordserver

Our zKill

+Rep good bunch of dudes.

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