Amarr COSMOS Items for Sale

I have the following Amar Cosmos items for sale, all are in Jita. I will attempt to beat any current contract price. Please express any interest here as this character doesnt log into eve that much.

1 x Amolah Kesti’s Data Fragment I
1 x Amolah Kesti’s Data Fragment II
2 x Amolah Kesti’s Data Fragment III
1 x Anema Bluechip
65 x Antiseptic Biomass
1 x Blood Fund
110 x Bug-Ridden Corpse
3 x Dynasty Ring
50 x Elite Laser Pistols
18 x Encoding Matrix Component
2 x Enigma Cypher Book
9 x Foreman’s Head
1 x Holy Statue
1 x Ritual Texts
1 x Runic Inscription
2 Yamia Mida’s Remains
2 x Corpum Commander Medallion
100 x Amarr Light Marines
5 Blood Raider Scientist
28 x Manel’s Servant

Interested. Beat the current prices and contract to Matti Airaken.

Contract up.

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