Auction: CLOSED

I have a collection of COSMOS items for grabs

Starting Bid: 500m
Reserve: Hidden
Buy Out: N/A
Location: Jita
End Date: 31 March 2018

Amolah Kesti’s Data Fragment I 5
Ancient Nefantar Sculpture 1
Ancient Vherokior Medallion 1
Ancient Weapon 1
Angel Cartel Computer Hardware 1
Angel Drug Addict Tag 3
Assistant’s Keychain 1
Azure Canyon Tourist Pass 2
Bag of Counterfeit Credits 209
Bandit Spur 35
Binary Transpositional Code 1
Black Market Entry Keycard 1
Broken Bug Device 1
Broken ComLink Scanner 1
Damaged Cloaking Device 1
Drifter Spur 4
Drugdealer Passcard to Storage Area 12
Dynasty Ring 1
Elere Febre’s Data Log 1
Encoded Lai Dai Reports 2
Encoding Matrix Component 13
Enigma Cypher Book 1
Federation Court Logs 1
Finger Bone 42
Gist Database Codes 1
Guristas Outlaw Dogtag 7
Hacker ID Slice 1
Hraldar’s Sculpture 1
Isone Flosins’s Corpse 1
Kyan Magdesh’s DNA 1
Marauder Spur 23
Maschteri Markan’s Insignia 2
Mikado ID Slice 2
Ninja ID Slice 3
Nugoeihuvi Dogtag 5
Nugoeihuvi Rifles 18
Outlaw Spur 12
Pakkori’s Hat 2
Parts of Printing Machine 13
Passkey to Yan Jung Relic Site 1
Portable Power Generator 2
Propel Dynamics Dogtag 2
Punk ID Slice 30
Recruitment Center Data Log 58
Remains of Thukker Pest 1
Scanner Data II 1
Searcher Drone’s Memory Chip 1
Security Corridor Pass 1
Serpentis Data Chip Decoder 1
Sispur Estate Keycard 1
Sispur’s Security Camera Logs 1
Sniper ID Slice 4
Spoiled Drugs 1
ST 60 Memory Chip 1
Stolen Goods 13
Strange DNA 2
Threaded Waypoint Map 2
Trust Partners Business Card 1
Wiyrkomi Rifles 12
Yan Jung Micro Processor 6

I can sell you few of this packs if needed for 250mil each b/o

Make your own thread… its well under the value of the goods as found on contracts, if you can do better, put up a contract… or you just bullshitting?

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