Auction: CLOSED

I have a collection of rare, collectable and miscellaneous items for auction

Starting Bid: 1b
Reserve: Hidden
Buy Out: N/A
Location: Jita
End Date: 31 March 2018

|‘Buck’ Turgidson’s Insignia|2|
|Achuran White Song Birds|1|
|Air Show Entrance Badge|1|
|Alarus Ekire’s Insignia|1|
|Amarr Diplomat|1|
|Amarr Light Marines|1|
|Amarr Light Marines|29|
|Amarr Sympathizer|1|
|Amphere 9|2|
|Anaconda Mine|6000|
|Armor of Rouvenor|1|
|Arms Cache|1|
|Avrue’s Token|1|
|Badly Mangled Components|1|
|Brutor Tribe Roster|1|
|Caldari Light Marines|24|
|Carry On Token|1|
|Certification Results|1|
|Cognitive Hive Mind|1|
|Construction Workers|2|
|Corporations for the Rest of Us|1|
|Corpse of Enlil Bel|1|
|Counterfeit Minmatar Faction Ammo|1|
|Datacore - Basic Civilian Tech|6|
|Datacore - Elementary Civilian Tech|1|
|Deteis Family|1|
|Dossier – Author Unknown|1|
|Drazin’s Keycard|2|
|Encryption Code Book|1|
|Eule Vitrauze’s DNA|1|
|Expired Cerebral Accelerator|1|
|Flawed Gneiss|37|
|Flawed Jaspet|28|
|Food-Borne Toxin|1|
|Fools Crokite|8|
|Freedom of Operation License|1|
|Gallente Light Marines|1|
|Gallente Light Marines|1|
|Gallente Light Marines|1|
|Holoreel: Wanted for Love|1|
|Hyasyoda Captain|1|
|Ibrahim’s Insignia|1|
|Jark Makon|2|
|Karothas’s Insignia|2|
|Komni History (1 of 2)|1|
|Komni History (2 of 2)|1|
|Kusan Niemenen’s Missile Launcher|4|
|Letter of Recommendation|1|
|Major Effects|1|
|Major’s Son|1|
|Miniature Slaver|1|
|Minmatar Republic Transaction And Salary Logs|9|
|Mysterious Statuette|1|
|Oura Madusaari|1|
|Physical Samples|1|
|Political Envoy|1|
|Proof of Discovery: Anomalies|9|
|Proof of Discovery: Gas Passkey|1|
|Python Mine|6000|
|Quafe Unleashed formula|1|
|Quao Kale|1|
|R.S. Officer’s Passcard|2|
|Radioactive Waste|50|
|Ralie Ardanne|1|
|Republic Pilot|3|
|Secure Coded Package|1|
|Serpentis Staff Passcard|2|
|Smuggler Tag|1|
|Smuggler’s Warning About Sister Alitura|1|
|Stranded Pilot|10|
|Taisu Magdesh’s Insignia|1|
|Tattered Doll|2|
|Traffic Management Passkey|2|
|Training Certificate|1|
|Training Complex Passkey|11|
|True Slave Decryption Node|1|
|Unknown Sequence|2|
|Zazzmatazz’s Bodyguard Insignia|32|
|Zbikoki’s Hacker Card|2|

Come along boys and girls, grab them while you can.

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