Amarr Focused PVP Titan Pilot

Looking for a price check on me!

Amarr Victor PvP focused pilot with a sprinkle of Nyx.

pw: l0rd123


  • npc corp
  • positive wallet
  • no kill rights
  • Amarr Titan 5
  • Gallente Carrier 5
  • Amarr Dread 5
  • Black Ops 5
  • JDCal 5
  • JDCon 5
  • Gunnery Support Skills to 5
  • Amarr Weapons to 5

All CCP rules apply.

Thank you for your time.

87 bil

88b offered

89 bil

90b offered

tbh, I have no clue what it’s worth. But it has the skillset I’m looking for.

Once you’re comfortable with some numbers let me know as I’d gladly buy it.



Hi Arestes,

Yeah, I have been looking around on the market at what focused pilots tend to seek for. For the most part focused carrier pilots start bids at 30-40 Bil.

I know I can get close to 130 Bil for a focused pilot like this.

Let me know if you are still interested and what you feel is fair to pay for this toon. The toon is ready to sell:


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