[Amarr-FW Corp] Task Force 641 is recruiting

The Empyrean Edict’s Golden Armada leads The Amarr Empire’s crusade amongst the stars. Purifying all heretics that cross its path with holy fire. Task Force 641 leads this Armada. All shall bend the knee to the Empire or be cast into the flame.
Glory to The Empire!!

Joining Requirements:
• Discord and Mic required
• English speaking skills
• No drama/egos

We offer:
• Active and experienced leadership
• Friendly and engaged community
• Content all the time (Mostly US TZ)
• PVP of all shapes and sizes through Faction Warfare
• Daily PvP Fleet Ops
• NewBro PvP/FW training

Want to know more?
Hit us up on Discord or In-game!

Discord: Empyrean Edict
In-game Public Channel: TF 641 Public


Looking for PvPers

Looking for people for FW

recruiting pvp pilots

Looking for Amarr loyalists

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