C4 [C3/6-S] Smart WH Operations [US/EU TZ]

Post depreciated… No longer involved with recruitment. Your welcome to hit me up however for recommendations for WH corps since I have been in the space for a long time.


Pretty awesome PI and solid progression access if needed.

Shadow Flight is a generous and resourceful corp. They were able to help myself and a corp mate out of a tedious wormhole situation. I would highly recommend them as corp-mates.


Decent amount of applications and onboarding of new members lately. If your app is waiting no worries we’ll get to it asap! Thanks!

Alot of recent recruits and looking to fill a few more spaces. Possible need for FC’s for different time zones but covered atm.

I feel the force is running in the shadows

Looking for a few rattlers for C5 tinkering! PvP coverage ofc…

We don’t rush quality


#jointoperations PVE/PVP

the channel you mentioned is moderated, do you have a puclic channel where people can ask for attention :smiley:

@Maximillian_Logos Contact me on discord @ fakawi#2802 if that works

Sounds like it could be fun, something different.

@Astrial_Stargazer ping me on discord or toss an application in with API(s).

up late for any inquiries


Big expansion going on in prep for the winter upswing in content. Reach out on discord at my aforementioned info with interest.

Available for questions this afternoon.

Available in game for any questions

still recruiting. Available this morning.