C4 [C3/6-S] Smart WH Operations [US/EU TZ]


(Talon Karda) #1

Post depreciated… No longer involved with recruitment. Your welcome to hit me up however for recommendations for WH corps since I have been in the space for a long time.

92M old fart looking for hangout
Kekaku dori
(Talon Karda) #2

Pretty awesome PI and solid progression access if needed.

(Xelene Godfrey) #3

Shadow Flight is a generous and resourceful corp. They were able to help myself and a corp mate out of a tedious wormhole situation. I would highly recommend them as corp-mates.


(Talon Karda) #4

Decent amount of applications and onboarding of new members lately. If your app is waiting no worries we’ll get to it asap! Thanks!

(Talon Karda) #5

Alot of recent recruits and looking to fill a few more spaces. Possible need for FC’s for different time zones but covered atm.

(Tiganis) #6

I feel the force is running in the shadows

(Talon Karda) #7

Looking for a few rattlers for C5 tinkering! PvP coverage ofc…

(Talon Karda) #9

We don’t rush quality

(Talon Karda) #10


(Talon Karda) #12

#jointoperations PVE/PVP

(Maximillian Logos) #13

the channel you mentioned is moderated, do you have a puclic channel where people can ask for attention :smiley:

(Talon Karda) #14

@Maximillian_Logos Contact me on discord @ fakawi#2802 if that works

(Astrial Stargazer) #15

Sounds like it could be fun, something different.

(Talon Karda) #16

@Astrial_Stargazer ping me on discord or toss an application in with API(s).

(Talon Karda) #17

up late for any inquiries

(Talon Karda) #18


(Talon Karda) #19

Big expansion going on in prep for the winter upswing in content. Reach out on discord at my aforementioned info with interest.

(Talon Karda) #20

Available for questions this afternoon.

(Talon Karda) #21

Available in game for any questions

(Talon Karda) #22

still recruiting. Available this morning.