Amarr Industrialist


I am looking for an Amarr area focused corporation that will support a new capsuleer such as myself. I am interested in industry and pve. I am not ready skill wise or timewise for PvP and have zero interest in going into nullsec at this time. I am open to eventually branching out into some pvp however given how new I am to New Eden as a Capsuleer I have much to learn. I value community over all else. I am available on & off all day due to a hectic IRL schedule.



My corp - Risk 4 ISK [R4ISK] is currently recruiting, we’re a super new corp based out of hisec that does some risker day trips (mostly wormhole ninjas)

We’re very much a corp where you can do your own thing but join in with others if you want and working together to be able to pull off some bigger operations.

Leaders are active between 07:70-18:00 EVE time primarily, tho we hope to bring members 24/7.

Brief overview:

We are:

  • Small group
  • PvE Focused but prepared for PvP
  • HiSec based (Amarr region)
  • Wormhole divers
  • Null explorers
  • Missioners
  • Miners
  • 2.5% tax helps fund riskier group ventures

All corp content is optional and short term, if you’re online when other people are then group up and go - no long term commitments to risky space, just short ventures.

If you’re interested in anything of the above, new or old characters/players.

Will send you an in game mail

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