[R4ISK] Risk 4 ISK - HiSec based + day-trippers

Hisec based day-tripping corp

We are:

  • Small group (+command boosts)
  • PvE Focused but prepared for PvP
  • HiSec based (Amarr region)
  • Wormhole divers
  • Null explorers
  • Missioners
  • Miners
  • 2.5% tax helps fund riskier group ventures
  • Active 07:00-18:00 (hopefully more soon)

All corp content is optional and short term, if you’re online when other people are then group up and go - no long term commitments to risky space, just short ventures.

Fun and friendly, building wealth through any means necessary and building bonds with the corp to rise ourselves up. NPDS - Not profitable don’t shoot.

If you’re interested in anything of the above, new or old characters/players.

For all inquiries contact Sabre070 in-game

Bump. Also accepting groups / alliances / mergers, looking to make a good tight knit group with a focus on wealth through any means necessary.

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