Amarrian Pilot

I am looking to see what this character is worth. I trained him to be a Paladin pilot and run missions. I think I have done well.

No kill rights

No clones

Security status is good.

This is not merely for educational purposes, if there are interests out there I will be willing to sell.

35b :slight_smile:

Now would that be the estimated value of the pilot in your opinion or is that an offer?

That is my offer - I don’t really care much for the shield skills but the rest is pretty much top-notch

With all respect I would like to see if another would offer more. I don’t know how much this character is worth and with yours being the only offer on the table I really don’t want to jump the gun.

I didn’t expect you to accept right away - I would not be surprised if you could get up to 38b

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