WTB Paladin Pilot

Howdy o/

I am interested in purchasing a pilot that can fly the Paladin. Doesn’t need to have great supporting skills, but just sit in the ship.

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Hey, i have a pilot, give me a shout if intrested in game. i dont watch forums much

Can I have a look?

for you

Ill get a pic later, busy atm…

LVL 4 marauder
Has a fulll mid grade implant setup for armor repping.


id also advise that ill be extracting the caldari missile skills and cruiser frig skills from this char… wont impact paladin skills

How much are you going to sell?

Whats your offer mate, i have 2 paladin pilots only need one. but i am in no rush to sell either. So cant be forced into low sale.

I provide 14b, because you understand that paladin is less than LV5, and the damage will be much less. I need a lot of extractors to adjust my skills, so I hope you can understand the sincerity and pain I want to buy.

If you think the price is inappropriate, can you provide your quotation? Of course, I hope it is sincere enough to ensure that we can trade as soon as possible.


Remember that you are paying for:
Char already setup
and the skillpoints applied to char.

The idea of value being less because you want Marauder 5… does not change the value…

The char after i take the caldari skills is more like 21mil SP’s
42x 650mil per skill injector is = 27bil

Thats just based on getting 500mil per injector which you dont as the skillpoints go up.

So, your price is a bit off in my eve. sorry. have a think about it and come back if you wish.

Obviously, your calculation method is not very practical. If you are really willing to use a syringe to create a number, I will not appear on the forum. I am willing to provide a certain price, such as 16b. The 27b you provide obviously exceeds everyone’s purchase concept. I hope you can think about it again.

i am not saying that i want 27bill

But i do feel you are not close to where is fair.

I misunderstood you. Do you think the offer of 16b has been reached, or is it very close?

id not let it go for less than 20.bil

Sorry, I think 20b is too high for this role. After all, he is not a perfect Paladin role. If your price is still loose, please reply to me. If you are not in a hurry to sell, I wish you a good buyer and a happy game.

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