WTB a Paladin pilot

Offer is the Value to extract the Large Skill Injectors + 3b (or up to +5b, depending the skill), No more than 20B.

Any pilot can drive A Marauders Paladin with T2 is fine : )

Plz post ur skill link and ur price.

P.S. This is post for my friend, as he can’t speak English. If the price is fine he will reply to ur post here then send isk from his own character.



a bit more than you probably want but i’m for sale:

Dread Shardani

Max revelation

Near max apostle

Max Redeemer

Max Paladin w/ MG Asklepian clone.


Large Skill Injectors is 840m/800m and Extractor is 530m/510m so skill points worth is 300m per 500k. ( Price depending on https://evemarketer.com/)

I’d offer 106 * 300m + 4B = 35.8B. If u accept u’ll get the isk befort next DT o7

Skill is good and u can get my words the character will be a Paladin pilot instead of be extracted all skills.

Already written. O7

let’s look at it the other way…

if you wanted to build this character from scratch it would take you

10 LSE → 10M

112.5 LSE → 50M

26.6 LSE → 58M

= a total of 149.1 LSE = 124.5B (minus a few because maybe you start with 1M or 2M sp depending on what ccp incentive is running, but you see my point)

now in this scenario you have the advantage of naming the character yourself etc of course, but simply starting the conversation at extraction value makes no sense if you really find the character useful.

so, no. but, if you like the character i’m happy to discuss a different amount. 50-53B for this character would be a steal IFF you really find it useful.

if all you’re after is a paladin, you can inject that easy.

Sry, 36b is my bottom line, considering ur character don’t even have any implant.

U could visit the selling post and 50B could buy an at least 70m character much easily.

Wish u an early sale. O7

good luck

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