WTB - Pure Marauder Pilots (Prefer One Ship)

Looking to buy marauder pilots.

Preferably focused on one racial, multiple racials isn’t of value to me.

Prefer Paladin, but considering all.

Budget is 20b-50b per pilot depending.

If you skilled into dreads, I may be interested as well.

Open to offers, not in a rush to sell, its active.

PI and Scan skills can be extracted, no issue.

Hrmm, I think I’m really only looking for on marauder pilot, but i can pay 20b for this

Hey, sorry not willing to go above 30b for that, sure you can get a better offer.

No worries wasn’t sure what your budget was. Take care.


Sry mate, not gonna waste 24m purely focused sp on paladin, to a 20m offer,
the math just doesnt add up, and I am not looking for a rip-off.
Good luck.

I dont think he can read. You offered a perfect pilot and he didnt put a serious offer down

mate do you still sold? can offer 20b to it.

Still looking for one marauder focused pilots, preferably paladin.
Budget ranges from 15-50b each depending on skills.

Still looking.


22B offer

It’s sold long ago

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Go through the setting on “char.tools” and enable tick the boxes so that we cna see ALL the skills. ty

Just Curious:


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