[AmarrMil] Holy Imperial Navy is recruiting

Want to purify heretics with holy fire in the name of The Amarr Empire?
Join CVA’s FW corp The Holy Imperial Navy

Joining Requirements:
☼ Discord and Mic required
☼ English speaking skills
☼ No drama/egos

We offer:
☼ Active and experienced leadership
☼ Friendly and engaged community
☼ Content all the time
☼ PVP of all shapes and sizes through Faction Warfare
☼ Daily PvP Fleet Ops
☼ Corp hauling available
☼ Corp provided ships for Fleet Ops
☼ Unlimited minmatar frozen corpses

Want to know more?
Hit us up on Discord or In-game!
Discord: https://discord.gg/rqNba6vTHY
In-game Public Channel: Imperial Navy Public

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