Imperial Frontiers Flotilla is recruiting

Imperials Frontiers Flotilla is recruiting!

Preface: would better suit Amarrian FW alts who just want a bit of a chat while we do our thing…

This corporation is one that many vets will know. It has been repurposed into a mining, production and manufacturing corporation with interests in supplying the faction warfare front with reasonably priced weapons and modules. Newbros are also welcome !

Activities - Mining in high, low and null sec. Hauling, market pvp and manufacturing lasers & ships. Perhaps delve into PI.

There are no obligations at all, just that other than the market side hustles we do, there is some effort to providing weapons to the front. This is a very low effort corporation with low effort required.

I have connections all over the place within the Amarrian social sphere and i have a wealth of knowledge in everything industrial.

There are no obligations and real life comes first. It’s very chilled. There are no schedules at all either. Although if you are not amarrian, please do not apply.

Corporation tax is at 1% for the eventual monthly raffle i will hold.

Timezone is placed between US and EU. Sometimes heavy either way depending on rl schedule.

The ticker is IF-F so if this suits you then hit me up :grinning:


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