Imperial Frontiers Flotilla - Amarr RP - PVP [Low Sec]

Imperial Frontiers is a new and upcoming Amarr centric alliance based in low sec Khanid space. We are looking for new and veteran players alike to build our alliance for all aspects of EVE. This is a very exciting opportunity to get in on the ground floor of something amazing! Our member base is primarily veterans so new players are welcome too and will have access to a wealth of experience. Bonus points for roleplayers but this is not mandatory.

We have a no drama policy and understand that real life comes first so there are no obligations and we accept alpha clones.

If you are interested in lore or RP, there are some elements of RP to what our alliance is doing as well as a few members who do RP. See announcement in IGS for more details.

If you are looking for a low sec group and you would like to learn more, please join our discord at Imperial Frontiers or join our in game channel at “Imperial Frontiers”.

Entry level corporation into the alliance.

  • Imperial Frontiers Flotilla
    • Main Focus PvP and RP. Neither mandatory.
    • Low sec based.
    • Mostly armor doctrines.
    • All skill and SP levels acceptable.
    • Will recruit Alpha clones (Alphas can be great in fleets too.)
    • Looking for cool people to build a bigger and better community.

Come have a chat with me if you are interested! In game channel “Imperial Frontiers”, or join the discord using the link above.

Shortened up to a bump!

We will be focused on growing and living in low sec, not just gate camping and farming kills of people passing through! PvP does not have to be your biggest priority however we are looking for people interested in PvE as well!

Great PvE opportunities, ratting, combat sites, plenty of ways to make iskies!

Need more brave capsoleers willing to go out into the wild Frontiers!

Help us get started and join today! If you are interested in low sec then come give it a try!

Still looking for brave capsoleers ready to give low sec a go! I will be away from the computer until Monday so hit me up on discord if you are interested!

Come talk to us and ask questions!

Come join our public channel in game! “Imperial Frontiers”.

Brave capsoleers wanting to explore the Imperial Frontiers wanted!

Looking for more brave capsoleers! If you do not meet the requirements to join, still please talk to us about it!

Looking for more for small gang pvp! Do not have to be a pro, welcome to join in if new to pvp.

Come say hello on discord!

Need brave capsoleers!

Feel free to ask questions!

Adventure of a lifetime awaits! Come talk to us today!

Great place to make a new home in low sec!

Looking for capsoleers to join and come to low sec!

Come talk to us on discord!