Imperial Frontiers Establishes Outpost in Alpakian Constellation, Khanid

The recently formed Imperial Frontiers alliance set out two months ago to establish an outpost on the frontier of the Amarr Empire. It is our design to attain wealth through exploration, mining, industry and trade as well as assist the Royal Khanid Navy with security and stability in the Alpakian constellation and surrounding areas.

Imperial Frontiers proclaims its service and loyalty to House Khanid, Khanid Kingdom, and the Amarr Empire. The scope of our operations, while focused in the Khanid Military Circuit, should serve to strengthen the Amarr Empire and the will of our sovereign, Empress Catiz I.

Offices for the Imperial Frontiers were rented in Danera III – Moon 3 – Khanid Transport Storage station to serve as a supply depot for our Alpakian Outpost in Zirsem IX – Khanid Transport Storage. Over the past two months our offices in Danera have coordinated shipments of supplies and equipment shipped through a third party contractor. Supplies have been received and operations have commenced with the successful creation of our Alpakian Outpost.

The Blood Raider Covenant presence in our area of operations have been a top concern since the start of our operations. We have began working with local Royal Khanid Navy agents in the area to assist with operations against the Blood Raiders in an effort to increase stability and reduce corruption.

We have begun resource surveying and harvesting. Early prospecting efforts have yielded promising data on resources we could exploit once our infrastructure has expanded. We look forward to exploring and surveying the Alpakian constellation and building infrastructure with security to support it. We hope to soon expand our presence and assistance to the Royal Khanid Navy to the entire Alpakian constellation in the coming months.

Ties with other capsuleer organizations will be critical in determining our success or failure. Our venture has many obstacles to overcome in realizing our complete design. Even since we have arrived, other groups have left the area due to the harsh conditions, logistics, pirates, and lack of infrastructure sometimes amplified by hostile capsuleer organizations in the Region. We hope to communicate and negotiate with other capsuleer organizations that are interested in the area.

If anyone has any questions or interests in Imperial Frontiers or our area of operations, please contact us. We especially hope to develop positive relations and conduct business with those loyal to the Amarr Empire and its allies. Please direct all inquiries to Consul Zeri Shakiel of the Imperial Frontiers Consulate.

By her light and her will,

Consul Zeri Shakiel
Alpakian Outpost
Imperial Frontiers


Plenty of infrastructure 3 gates away… but the locals get a little touchy.

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I pray that your initiative prospers.

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Your prayers are most welcome Chapter Master.

Indeed, very touchy they can be.

They’re in Fountain.

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And should this affect my prayers for Consul Shakiel’s success in some way?

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Arrendis has the jokes! I have not ran into The Initiative much out here as I would have expected, but we are not exactly bumping up against Fountain either.


Best of luck with the initiative, Consul

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Much appreciated Lord Utari Onzo-Gallius!

Ms. Shakiel,

I personally look forward to future announcements of successful ventures.

For the near-to-mid term my corporation is operating a small number industrial and research facilities in a nearby region. Lets arrange something more formal on less public channels? I much prefer amicable relations over the alternatives.

Areneau Research & Manufacturing

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It is a pleasure to hear from you Ms. Areneau.

I am certain our interests and capabilities could be of benefit to one another. I will send something your way soon by mail. Looking forward to meeting with you.

Greetings New Eden,

It has been a couple of months since our introduction of the Imperial Frontiers alliance and there has been no shortage of happenings within the Kingdom as well as progress and setbacks in regards to our mission.

Since the last post, a lot of work has gone into the organization of Imperial Frontiers. As with any active alliance, the work will never end, and is especially true for a new venture such as ours. The corporation leadership of Brothers of Galactic Freedom Enterprises (BFGE) met with the Imperial Frontiers Consulate and through long talks it was determined that their goals aligned with the alliance and vice versa. BFGE became a full member of the alliance and deployed to Zirsem.

Imperial Frontiers also put down an Athanor, Alpakian Refinery, in Zirsem which included a moon drill, refinery and a reactor. For the most part, this structure was used by the alliance with the exception of a few locals who were granted access.

Two moon pulls were extracted before the Darwinism alliance attacked the structure and relieved it of it’s shields. This was certainly considered a possibility and we had previously reached out to them through their diplomatic channels but there were no broken agreements, nor had any agreements been made.

We were not as prepared as we could have been, but we did muster all resources of our own for a defense and fought two engagements in defense of the Alpakian Refinery. We were against a skilled and well equipped force in which we were unable to deter.

I, and the leadership of Imperial Frontiers, are very proud and impressed with our alliance and it’s members for their actions in the defense of our infrastructure. Morale is high and everyone is looking forward to another opportunity to fight for our objectives. This conflict, so far, has been conducted honorably by both sides between Imperial Frontiers and Darwinism and their local allies. The conflict has provided insight on many areas where we need to focus and improve as an alliance and we are taking steps towards progress in those areas.

The conflict with Darwinism and the loss of the Alpakian Refinery has had little effect on our progress with the Blood Raiders in the area. I think our presence is certainly making a difference, but their is a long road ahead of us on that front. The Blood Raiders do not seem to be in any sort of weak position and are very much active. We will be focusing more in the coming weeks on efforts against the Blood Raiders in the area in coordination with the Royal Khanid Navy.

On behalf of all members of Imperial Frontiers, we would like to express thanks to all of our allies and those who have been supportive of our efforts. Your support will be remembered and we believe our efforts are of great service to the Amarr Empire, Khanid Kingdom, and our allies.

By her light and her will,

Consul Zeri Shakiel
Alpakian Outpost
Imperial Frontiers


lol Zirsem shall be purged

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Of Blood Raiders, yes, we very much hope so.

Of all life

Your average capsuleer dementia victim, everyone.

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Maybe a bit past average, my lord?

No, seems about the normal mix of inflated ego and sociopathic tendencies, with a dash of “edgelord”, as the Gallente youths say.

Uh. So. You … might have a slightly different standard on this than I do, my lord. My default model for “edgelord” is Veik, who proudly gloried in targeting crew compartments with spalling ammo.

“X system shall be purged of all life” seems like it’s on a different level, although it does sound a little like someone you might know fairly well by now, my lord.