[.CVD.] Interventions in Empire Space

Fellow capsuleers:

Earlier this morning, operatives working on behalf of Corovid Industries began installing command centers on planets of interest in Amarr space.

Our goals are to encourage rebellion among our Matari brothers and sisters still in chains across the Empire, and also to obtain intelligence independent of the current news coming out of Thebeka, which at this time is mostly filtered through the lens of Amarr loyalists.

The command centers are being used to transmit data to and from Thebeka. Outgoing waves offer up-to-date details to rebels and slaves on the Matari side of the war in the rest of Thebeka, in Thebeka orbit, and elsewhere of note across Amarr. Corovid will use the incoming data to prepare reports regarding the actual situation on the ground at Thebeka and elsewhere, and we will disseminate this information to likeminded parties who request it.

We are also sending supplies to the ground, to help those rebelling and those who will choose to rebel.

In order to facilitate this process, we deployed a mobile depot, which processes data in both directions and also manages the aforementioned supplies. We have also deployed a small number of agents to maintain our communications array and to assist with destabilization. We are not equipped to take on refugees as yet; any we collect will be immediately sent to organizations with better resources.

We are currently not allied with any other organizations operating in Thebeka III’s orbit. Neither are we acting with the permission or knowledge of any Republic bureau. We set up this operation of our own accord, using our own technology and resources.

For the moment, we are not looking for donations of isk or supplies; we will announce if or when that changes. To coordinate operations, please contact me or @Shorai_Aikyoraan directly.

Initial reports suggest that Amarr propaganda and misinformation have been effective in discouraging some pockets of Matari from rebelling. In this we face an uphill battle, but that is nothing new for our people.

Melisma Ramijozana
Chair, Corovid Industries

Shorai Aikyoraan
Co-Chair, Corovid Industries

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Quite. Welcome the the show.

Please be advised communications and operations with ground are heavily interfered with by both local orbital authorities and capsuleer-supported forces on ground.

Freedom’s Gate services will be made open to you after regular security checks. We should probably talk blue?

Elsebeth Rhiannon
CEO, SoE Roughriders, Electus Matari
Station commander, Freedom’s Gate, Thebeka


Thank you, Captain Rhiannon.

We noted where you mentioned having communications and drop difficulties due to PIE interference, so we built in some redundancies in an effort to counter this. We don’t expect to fully evade their efforts or that of the authorities, but hopefully there will be some improvement.

I’ll be in touch shortly for talks.



We noticed some of our kin aren’t pointlessly throwing their lives away in a losing battle. We can’t offer any real support but we’ll try and whip the rest into a frenzy so they also get themselves killed.
Then we can blame the evil Amarr for killing them!


Big words from a guy who never undocks.

Next time, try reading a post before you try smart-talk.

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Well that escalated quickly.

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His response or mine?

I perceived him as being rather butthurt, so I didn’t bother writing anything of effort.

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You know that your public combat record is available, right? You’ve never killed another capsuleer and have one recorded loss. So please spare me that crap, put the stones down, come out of your glaas house, and either address his argument or shut up.


Both. This is the kind of smacktalk I have personally real little patience for, and which side it comes from does not matter much to me.


Also Admiral Ascentior did summarize the jist of your post quite succinctly. He had to have read it to do that.

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Now now, Captains. Miss Ramijozana makes a valid point. I did use some big words.

I’m sure Miss Rhiannon looks forward to having an ally with an ego to match her combat prowess.

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I am not ‘miss’ anything. Proper formal address would be simply ‘Elsebeth’; if you insist on clan-address then ‘Captain Rhiannon’ will do.


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Such poise and grace, such dignity from the “Admiralty”. Next there’ll be smacking each other over the head with bladders and making funny little “parp” sounds while pratfalling into PIEs, I gather?


Yes, and I’m also aware that I’ve been in space for three months and am still not very good at combat with other capsuleers, so I avoid it. Sadly, the combat record doesn’t count the numerous times I’ve outmaneuvered unscrupulous pilots.

So sure, feel free to judge me by your terms. I’ll live by mine, and I’ll be quite successful at it.

Fair enough.

He didn’t, actually. And he failed at it in a manner that’s quite unbefitting of any sort of honorable rank. For future reference, I don’t respond to belittling remarks. If you want further explanation, you can ask for it in a respectable manner.

But fine, let’s take a look at his response, since so many of you suddenly seem to care. Recap:

Breaking it down:

Right off the bat, this tells me that whatever he’s about to say will be put forth in a condescending manner. Please. This is part of my IGS handbook. Don’t try to use my own tactics against me.

Again: If you’d like me to engage with you on an honest level, then approach me as a peer, not as some child who has just discovered GalNet. If you do otherwise, I’m going to respond in kind, as I did previously.

Rebellion is never pointless. Every battle is a shot at freedom. Every death is another martyr. Do you think we’re afraid to die? These are people who would welcome death if it meant leaving behind the empty, meaningless existence that bondage brings them.

The chance at freedom, however risky it might be, is worth it every time, and our brothers and sisters know that we revere every single one of them in death. That’s more than they have right now. It has meaning.

Until you come to understand that our deaths are both means and ends in themselves, you will never stand a chance at stopping us.

Goal #2 of this operation is the verification of events on the ground. Currently the only news we reliably get out of Thebeka are from Amarr loyalists. Is this news accurate? I doubt it. So when you say that it’s a “losing battle,” am I to take your word, or any other Amarr’s, for it?

Unless someone wants to go ask ZANIE to report from Thebeka, I’m no longer going to simply take these reports for what they are. You can keep saying “losing battle,” but until I get evidence of this from my operatives, that phrase is meaningless.

Apparently shots fired are the only “real support” accepted around here.

Meanwhile, we have established a communications array on the planet, we are distributing food and medication among the rebels, we are countering Amarr propaganda and encouraging more of our people to rebel (creating more trouble spots for your governments to deal with and more fronts for your troops to fight on), and we are generating our own data about what conditions are really like. Me, I consider that Real Support ™.

That’s not to say it’s been easy; we’ve also had to dodge patrols and work around data delivery issues. Amarr security is quite a challenge to get around. But this is literally Corovid’s specialty: We build things, and when they break, we improve them. And the best way to contribute to a cause is through one’s talents. We aren’t fighters, and we know this.

What we’re doing is much more insidious than that. We are giving our people reasons to fight–and yes, reasons to die if necessary. If you encounter any rebels that we’ve turned, they will be cautious and calculating, aiming for your strategic weaknesses.

I know you all like that crazy-ferocious-mindless-savage-Matari myth so well, but the truth is that we only go crazy and ferocious and mindless for people we like.

Same point made above: we Matari have a very different view of death than you do.

If Amarr are the ones pulling the triggers, then Amarr are responsible for killing them. Don’t dodge that responsibility.

By the same token, what I assume is supposed to be expressed through this sarcasm is that we Matari are responsible for the same deaths indirectly because we spurred the rebels to fight. Don’t you think we know that? Don’t you think we spend time reflecting on those who died in what sometimes feels like a faraway cause? I’d bet all the isk in my wallet that every Matari on IGS has wrestled with this at some point, and probably still are. This is the penalty that we accept, the toll on our souls for the numbers of our people who never knew real freedom in this life.

So, there you go. I just spent over half an hour writing a genuine response to a sarcastic barb, a response that will be dismissed as also “tl;dr” and will go entirely unappreciated, and I will never get that time back. Don’t say I was never reasonable for you, even though I know you will.

(Edit: misspelled “penalty.”)


Lucky these lost souls have people who are admittedly “not fighters” telling them how to fight, throwing them into an organised, trained and well equipped foe. Giving them reasons to die, indeed.

Your first hint that you were being treated in a condescending manner should have been before the “Tl;Dr”. Coming and spilling your useless diatribe and self-aggrandizing “I’m helping” rubbish about a theater of conflict in which you do not belong, nor understand, would naturally be met with condescension from your betters.

Hopefully your history of successful running away will treat you well before you cause the death of too many of these wayward souls.

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And for that you will be marked as a criminal. Your presence in the warzone will not be welcome. Your ships will be shot on contact just like any gurista ship.

Shall you prefer to avoid the confrontation, you are to put down arms and surrender yourself to the closest authority. Please take into account, that all other capsuleers flying under your command, as well as crewmembers of every ship piloted by yourself or your accomplices in crime will be considered criminals as well, unless they left the service to your cause after your announcement of your illegal activities.

– D. Kim, Strike Cmdr.

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Revealing of your interventions in this case may drastically decrease chance of any success.


At which point did I say we’ve been telling them how to fight? I said I was helping them organize. Those are two very different things, and one of them I excel at.

None of this was posted for you, sweetheart. It was your idea to read and reply to it.

Actually, I thought Captain Rhiannon was very patient and considerate. She wasn’t condescending at all.

I’m guessing you didn’t see the part where I said, a couple of times, that death isn’t a problem for us.

But that’s fine! As long as you continue to fail at understanding the Matari mindset, we’ll remain two steps ahead of you.


You know you’re talking to a Matari, right? Decreased chances are where we excel.

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That falls under organized crime.

Shut up Kim-baka. This doesn’t involve you.

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