[.CVD.] Interventions in Empire Space

(Mitara Newelle) #21

What is happening on Thebeka does not involve you either, yet here you are, interfering in affairs that are none of your business… And spare us all the tripe about ‘your people’. They are not, they are Imperial subjects.

Strike Commander Kim, your continued support is appreciated. May God bless you and the rest of our Caldari allies in this new year.

(Mizhara Del'thul) #22

So stealing people makes them yours, and is an acceptable means of making them “imperial subjects”. So taking them back is… ?

(Samira Kernher) #23

Well, it is a good thing I’m an Imperial subject, then. Born and raised on Thebeka III, even. They are certainly my people, far more than they are yours, Anathian.

(Arrendis) #24

Spare us all the tripe about ‘Imperial subjects’. Your laws consider them property, in which case they are stolen property. Even the Amarr Empire doesn’t allow thieves to keep that which they’ve stolen, when they get caught.

(Diana Kim) #25

Ms. Kernher, with all due respect, it was said not to you, but to a well known matar forum barker. The security of the Empire is in my interests, while people like Rella clearly shall have no access to discussion or participation in such matters, yet she dares to open her mouth that it doesn’t involve me, while it certainly doesn’t involve her.

(Diana Kim) #26

Now that’s just ridiculous. Do you consider all inmates in prisons (e.g. in Republic or Federation), would it be rapists, murders, thieves - to be “stolen property” too?
I am asking that, because in the Empire they use slavery as a form of penal punishment. But you didn’t know that before you started posting an ignorant comment, did you?

(Aldrith Shutaq) #27

You are a heretic and a traitor and have lost all right to claim this. Perhaps it is time to stop speaking your name as though it means something.

(Mizhara Del'thul) #28

Which name do you think is whispered more dirtside on Thebeka III? Yours or hers? Which name do you think carries weight among all four nations, out of you two?

Her name is tied to successfully achieving things.

(Aldrith Shutaq) #29

Her name is tied to yours, and both lie in filth for it.

(Mitara Newelle) #30

It is a good thing, and one day I pray you will answer for your crimes, Kernher.

What is it you are doing exactly to help your fellow Thebeka citizens? Supplying those revolting with weapons to attack said citizens and rightful authorities? Encouraging rebellion, chaos, and discord? Or are you urging these rebels to stand down to restore Order?

I concur - gladly - Ardishapur subjects are closer to you than I, blasphemer, and I have limited my actions there accordingly, I am where my Liege has commanded. However, I am still a Praetorian and will assist in their operations there when able.

(Arrendis) #31

And yours to Alar Chakaid, for all the sucking up you’ve done, to him and his Blooder friends. Has Crases gotten you that audience with Omir yet, by the way?

(Kithrus) #32

I take a lot of heat for being hot headed and acting rashly but I find it amusing that while that maybe true the body count is next to nil. My mistakes end in mockery but when someone sparks events that cascade a long bloody conflict with death tolls in the millions they are to be praised?

Please do carry on mocking, if only solidified the point of your callouses disregard for life with deliberate intent.

(Garion Avarr) #33

I’ve only ever seen Lord Consort Newelle do the opposite. Have I missed something?

(Samira Kernher) #34

The battle over Kahah.

(Mitara Newelle) #35

I pray my husband now regrets ever trying to defend you, heretic. You are an agent of the Deceiver, nothing more.

(Ascentior) #36

Obviously, upholding Imperial law could only mean that one is hand in hand with every Imperial subject, no matter what their public position and actions have shown.

It seems most capsuleers are not above making claims that they know are demonstrably false if it fits their personal narrative.

It’s near pointless to address. Any semblance of intelligent discourse goes out the airlock once they get their teeth into something they think is juicy. Even should it be their own tail.

(Arrendis) #37

Obviously, public statements made by officers of PIE in Kahah can only ever not mean what was said.

Deal with it, Admiral. Your people were falling all over themselves to fellate Chakaid and the rest of the Blooder King’s minions whenever they deigned to grace you with their presence.

(Ascentior) #38

Thank you for illustrating my point.

(Arrendis) #39

You’re welcome. After all, we mustn’t let their public position and actions be colored by their public position and actions.

(Lucas Raholan) #40

It out-stand’s me that despite their obsession with Amarr they remain totally ignorant on how our society even functions beyond there own self serving ridiculous rhetoric. It also puzzles me that Samira despite having spent many years among fellow Amarrian’s both commoner and Holder alike seems to hold no knowledge of internal Amarrian politics and that defending the overall security of the Empire doesn’t automatically mean we sanction the internal ne’er-do-wells present within. In fact she seems so detached from it that the Sa-Baron quite easily led her into a trap that directly helped further his own agenda’s rather then impede them

Clearly to join the heresy and terrorism she now so eagerly champions while remaining ignorant of her own failings as a previously loyal subject or her own lack of honour I can only conclude that Kehner has been lobotomised