Anathema BPO - Ended - [SOLD]

Up for Sale 1 Anathema BPO

Old fashion Auction for a Vintage BPO

  • Located in High sec few jumps from Jita
  • In a NPC station
  • ME/TE 10/20
  • The BPO will be contracted on saturday 11th of May 2019.
    Somewhere between 12:00 and 18:00. Not before as it is in production.

Start Bid: 75b
Min Incr.: 1b
No set Buyout

Auction End on 10th of May 21:00 Eve-time with 2 minute sniper.
Sniper must have made a bid before the Original auction end time.

Happy bidding!

  • Sniper rule Explained,
    you can make a bid within 2 minutes of the last bid even if the Original end time has passed, however, you must have made a bid before the Original End time so everyone knows who’s in. If the last bid was 2 minutes before the Original end time, the auction has ended and you are late.

75b bid

80b bid

Thank you for your bids!

Going up

To the top

Few more days, grab your chance :slight_smile:

81b bid

Thank you for your bid and intrest!

To confirm an ingame question, 21:00 Eve-time, updated first post to reflect this better

To the top!

Today is your last chance!

4h left!

Sold for 81b @Legit_Salesgirl
Congrats! contract Will be set tomorrow when production ends

Thanks , Sounds good


Contract up! Enjoy

Acepted ty

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