WTA 8/10 Nyx BPO

(Halleflux Equeron) #1

Located in jita 4-4. Bidding starts at 24b. Place bids here, or evemail me.

Edit: bidding ends in 7 days or when I get a buyout offer I like.

(Admiral Mason) #2


When does this end?

(Halleflux Equeron) #3

Bump. Info edited in - you’ve got about 6 more days.

(Halleflux Equeron) #4

Bump. Couple more days, let’s see some offers.

(Halleflux Equeron) #5

27b offer recieved ingame

(Halleflux Equeron) #6

Bump, little longer

(Halleflux Equeron) #7

Last bump. Gonna give it 24h from this post before the 27b offer takes it.

(Halleflux Equeron) #8

27.5B offer recieved in-game

4H until the auction officially “ends”, 4h sniper rule will be in effect

(system) #9

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