(Lady Squirt) #1


Nyx Bpo 9/10 — 28 start bid 32b B/O

both located in hisec npc station .

(LLeylar Kiiran) #2

65b on the erebus.

Vague idea on when the auction ends ?

(Lady Squirt) #3

looking to end it in 48 hours.

(Isell That) #4

I’ll give you B/O on the Erebus BPO, please contract

(Lady Squirt) #5


(Admiral Mason) #6

Am interested in the Nyx, don’t have the liquid atm though.

28b bid depending on auction end point

edit: redacted, probably won’t have ISK in time.

(Shelby Mustang) #7

29b on NYX

(Lady Squirt) #8

bid accepted shelby. making contract

(Lady Squirt) #9

contract is not yet accepted Nyx BPO 9/10 is still for sale.

(LLeylar Kiiran) #10

I’ll take it for 29 then, if still available.

(Lady Squirt) #11


thanks all.

(system) #12

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