Ancient nulseccer looking for new stuff to do

Hello !

After some time messing around as a solo player in FW and daytripping in nullsec, I decided that it’s time for me to join a new home after getting kicked The Initiative for the second time. I’m not gonna lie, and it’s an information that’s easily accessible anyway : I got kicked out of INIT because I couldn’t play a lot, and I generally preferred to do my own business during the few times where I could log in instead of jumping right on fleets.

I don’t say that I hate fleet operations, on the contrary : I’m a big fan of the ol’ reliable tackling ceptor, or something I learned being down south, being a logibro. So far I’m able to fly a Guardian and a Basilisk, albeit I never had to use the former and the latter saw limited use, so I can’t say I’m the most experienced when it comes to Logistic Cruisers.

But INIT being INIT, I had lots of fun flying around with a trusty Kirin, and managed to pick up some experience from that !

Concerning what could cause some trouble : I’m in the EU TZ, and I don’t get to play a lot each day, which mean I certainly can’t be on time for fleets, or be there for as long as they run. Please forgive me for the inconvenience.

For what I’m looking for : well, I’m pretty much open to everything, so long that your corporation and alliance aren’t based in Highsec or Lowsec. I’ve never dived into wormhole, and I have a close friend that’s been in a C1 corporation for years, but seeing how “passive” it can be for him, I’d rather be in higher classes to maybe experience harsher conditions, be it to get some money, or with any random neighbors of the day. Maybe trying some small scale PVP for the first time could be good.

Anyway, if you need anymore information, I’d be glad to give it to you guys ! I hope to find a new home quickly, and that my little problems don’t bother too much.

Fly safe !

Billy Sanchezo.

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KB looks alright, some decent solo PvP. If you’re online nightly (albeit for short amounts of time), check us out.

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Thanks for the compliment on the KB, but I haven’t done faction warfare PVP since October, so I might be a bit rusty >.<

Being online nightly… I don’t know. Might be during vacations or weekends, but on weekdays it’ll almost always be a big no.

And I might miss one of your point regarding recruitment : I can’t be an active player as I said :confused:

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Come to NPC null sec! We do small gang, and small fleet pvp.

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Thanks for the offer, I’ll take a look.

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You might fit in with Katothen based on your Killboard. If not, I’m sure there’s a place for you in Lunar Legion, our more casual hours-friendly sister corp.

Come talk to us on Discord.

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Alright, I found someone willing to let me in their corporation ! Thanks to everyone that sent their offers on this thread.

This thread can be locked, please :slight_smile:

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