And so we begin again .

Into the fray, we awaken from our slumber and open recruitment.

No need to go into a lot of details as to what we offer other than to say we maintain quite a network of associates throughout EVE and are currently working with these contacts planning the corp direction.

What we can offer is the chance and opportunity to grow with us during this time of awakening, rebuilding The Merchant Marine’s and be part of these networks to either stay with us while making a name for yourself or find other opportunities elsewhere depending on what you are looking for in the EVE universe.

I personally have played this game off and on since 2004 and have always attempted to ensure that members achieve their in-game goals and directions.

We work to achieve a wide balance of PvPers and PVE players to provide content for both. At the same time, we do have expectations of our members following our motto which is “Acta non-Verba” Deeds not words. It is through your deeds that you will define yourself with us.

Now, enough of the eloquent B.S. Here is who we really are!

The Merchant Marine’s

Apply to me directly in game - Ethan Kel

Recruitment continues, please bump

Recruitment is still open. Please bump.

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