Angel's Cry: C5 Wormhole Recruiting

Angel’s Cry, a newly refounded wormhole corporation, is recruiting members for our C5. We’re a rather tight knit group of pilots looking to grow our numbers a little bit, and we want to see if you are the right fit. We primarily crab our C5 home hole and PVP down our chain, but we’re looking to expand to new heights including blopsing and rage rolling for content.


  • C5 wormhole sites, gas, and ore, both in home hole and in our static
  • Corporation buyback
  • Active PvP and PvE fleets
  • SRP (eventually)



  • Mic and Discord access
  • English speaking
  • Willing and able to auth toons
  • Don’t be an asshole


  • Able to fly a marauder of your choosing
  • 2 accounts
  • 25 mil sp minimum on main
  • Basic understanding of the game (willing to teach wormhole mechanics and more advanced pvp)

If you’re interested, pop into our discord and ping or dm me, Okata Eto.


Hello! Are you interested in joining?

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