Looking for active Corp - WH PvP

Hey all!

I’m just returning to Eve from a short break. My current corp has somewhat dissolved and is inactive.

I am US East TZ. I am looking for a Wormhole PvP oriented group with good activity in this timezone. I would like to find a group who is established and does not back down from fights.

I will bring a good attitude to the table and a good amount of activity. I can usually hold my own in PvP engagements. I am a well skilled subcap pilot (can run almost all subs) who is about to start the long grind into caps. I have a logi/scan alt.

Feel free to hit me with any questions.
At this time I have very little interest in lowsec or nullsec.

Thank you!

Hey check us out!

Thank you for the post - ideally I would like a group already established. Bumping this up. Still looking for a home!

Was on grid with a ratting rev yesterday and no backup to take him down :’(

Would you consider null?

If you are still looking for a corporation, Wormhole Sterilization Crew would love to have you. In-game recruitment channel: Sterilization Room.

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