Angry Alpaca's call for new recruits

We are a small WH corp living in a C2. We are looking form new members to be part of our WH life.
We are looking for new players and veterans alike. Both Alpha and Omega players are welcome.
We are a mature group of players, who all see Eve as a game; and RL always comes first.
We are PVP and PVE minded, focussing on exploration and small gang roaming.

What we have to offer:

  • Ratting in WH (solo and in fleet)
  • Perfect PI planets
  • Small roam PVP
  • Low tax rating of 5%
  • Buy back program for all the loot you make in WH
  • Abyssal groups
  • Hauling service
  • Active Discord
  • We help new players with getting settled in WH space

Got interested? Good!
Contact one of our recruiters: Ephrretim Blake, bea, bea, El’ran or RezzMezz

Hope to see you soon.


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