Angry Alpaca Association is looking for members for our WH mission

We are a small corp, planning to get a foodhold in Highsec. To get industry running and having a good time while doing it.
We are a looking for members in the EU timezone who play Eve as a game, and want to have fun.
New players (Alpha and Omega) and Veterans are welcome.
We will be mining, running missions, organize small gang pvp, and ofcource industry.

  •          We are Casual, RL always comes first.
  •          We provide mining boosts
  •          We provide Corp BPC/BPO
  •          Mission Running (lvl  4)
  •          Small gang pvp (to learn some pvp)
  •          We can provide shipping tot the nearest Tradehub.
  •          We have ore buyback program

In the future we want to explore some WH activities. For now those are only new plans.
All this got you interested? Join us on our public channel Alpaca Recruiters and we’ll speak to you there!

Feel free to mail me ingame also!

We are still looking, our Wh plans are getting more serious

I recently Joined a couple of days ago - great guys and good ambition. We need more people to realise the dream and grow. Newbro’s will be guided in the ways of all things eve of course.


oh, btw - BUMP!


We are Still looking :slight_smile:

Lets Bump or Lets ride an Alpaca ?


We are Growing but we still can use more members!

BUMP!!! looking for more players for Hi sec going into WH living in a C3

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