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Hi, thanks for opening this thread!

Whether you are leaving a corp you just didn’t click with, want a different experience, are completely new and super-serious about EVE or are a returning player, you are welcome all the same to come have a good time with us. After the bare-bones details of the corp, let me tell you what I mean when I say “If you’re anything like me, Join ENC”.

Corp Bare-Bones Details

EliteNet Corporation

Accepting Applications. Returning Player, Vet, and New Pilot Friendly; Alphas welcome!
Note to Alphas and Newbies: WH living can be tough, but not impossible, so make sure you are motivated! :slight_smile:

Join “EliteNet Pub” channel in New Eden to hang out with us or join!


  • Don’t be a [phallic object]
  • Teamwork
  • Have fun
  • Intel Intel Intel!
  • API Key required within 72 hours via Corp Website registration
  • Willingness to use Pathfinder [WH scouting tool, details inside], and Discord [voice not required, but encouraged]

Most Active Time: US, particularly but not limited to 7-9 PST. Currently, some active players in Germany, Moldova, and Australia too!

"From the ground up, EliteNet is building a self-sufficient empire. With emphasis on teamwork and leadership, we will explore the universe, blow [crap] up, and expand our operations.

With an established wormhole system and hisec operations, we are creating our own industry and trade to fund and construct operations. Corp ops in w-space for all it has to offer in PvE and PvP."

Why join? Here’s my take:

I’ve been coming and going from EVE since 2011. Each time back, I do a little more, get a little better, but always ended up in a “meh” corp environment or didn’t know enough to do anything or any number of things and would eventually just ween off. Nothing too unfamiliar in EVE, where flying Solo and flying in bad/poor company are among the top reasons for quitting or growing bored/frustrated. I came back this last February after a 3 year hiatus and joined ENC, and I can’t see myself leaving EVE or the corp anytime soon.

In this short time of 3-4 months, I’ve had a blast! I’ve made friends (we have a colorful bunch of oddballs, and I’d have it no other way!), made some hilarious jokes and memories, flown all manner of new ships in new situations, made ISK like never before (I never went past like 600m in total and now I just hit 4+B net worth), learned and re-learned most of EVE, dabbled in pretty much every industry, and even got my first kill since like 2011 or something like that.

It was a great environment to learn and get involved with, and the guys who first flew with me knew tons. Now, even I can teach newbies or returning vets or even someone just dabbling in a new area. I even got over my “EVE-Shyness” with this bunch, and thankfully I haven’t been kicked out after making some terrible pun haha!

If you are a go-getter, and hate toxic/overbearing environments, all the more so. There also already a lot of great things in place (like our WH home) which I have found are great launchpads, and there are still more corp projects going on so it’s not like it’s all set and done or that you are joining some clique or becoming a corp leech or some anonymous extra gun.

And, while we have fun and fly smart and heavy, the corp is made of real mostly-mature adults with mostly-adult jobs and responsibilities so it’s not like I am being demanded or guilt-ed to die in space when I should be studying for a University exam or some-such.

I’ve thoroughly enjoyed my time with this bunch, and if you thought that was good, come fly and have a good time with us! If you, like me, enjoy ISK, industry, terrible jokes, curious about or hooked on wormhole space, casual PvP (unless it’s home defense!), hate any voice program not called Discord (Vent/TS/Mumble etc seem tacky/outdated by comparison) and so on and just wanna have a jolly-ole good time in EVE, consider flying with us!

Fair warning, though, we may or may not worship a lucky Chihuahua. Deal-breaker? You tell me!

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Hey. I like you. Lets be friends.

Seriously though, your corp aligns pretty close to mine. Don’t stop reading this I promise I have a point and its not to recruit you.
We value self sufficiency and promote it as much as possible, even going so far as to build Citadels from PI mined by our own members. We also are building from the ground up, and want to fight to take our own space rather than be renters or nullbloc peons. Though our focus is on Nullsec compared to your WH. So my proposition is a friendship, I know you arent open to joining an alliance at the moment, but I think we could have a good relationship. You can use us as a safe harbor in your travels, and in exchange you could help us defend our new home for some healthy pew. Its a big galaxy, and everyone needs friends. Let me know if theres any interest and we can iron out the details. Hope to hear from you

Join Elitenet Pub, Ill talk about this there.

We are still looking for new people.

Still a better choice than American politics.

This is dragging on a bit. Ill make a new post soon.

Great news! We have grown enough to go from no having a fleet, to doing three fleets in the last week different things. It’s great, come join us. I’m sure you will enjoy it.

Join us could be the most fun you have, or not, thats up to you.

We are getting some incursion stuff started up real soon

Hello Raborne Leonadus,

I absolutely love not only the ‘read’ but what you guys are doing in EVE ‘LC’ WH Space. I wanted to stop by and shake your digital hand for your efforts in content creation related to the game we love.

From all of us at WHSOC, we send greetings and salutations to our fellow EVE Content Creators; well done and send us a shout out in space sometime.

WHSOC - Jump to be Known

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