Another Level - Australian Timezone, Industrial/PVE

Another Level is an Australian TZ Industrial focused corp aiming to build up and support our Alliance as they grow. We’re looking for friendly people new or old to the game with a desire to build something big and reap the rewards of growing as a team.

Our team so far is made up of mature players aged from 25 - 40, we’re aiming to keep a more mature, but light hearted culture with plenty of laughs.

Currently Recruiting:

  • Miners
  • Manufacturers
  • PVE Mission Runners / Exploration pilots

Reasons to Join

  • New Player Friendly We welcome low skill characters and enjoy helping those new to the Eve Online universe learn the ropes.
  • Social and engaging corp + Alliance group. Corp, Alliance and Blue friendly Discords making for a good social scene where something will always be going on regardless of your timezone.
  • No Fleet requirements While there will be fleet operations, these are not a requirement you must log on to meet, we’ll hold these “for the good of the corp” and accept donations rather than implement high tax schemes.
  • Blueprints Access to a variety of Blueprints the corp has in their library allowing you to get high efficiency copies for your own production.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Q. How can i speak to you further on this?

Our in-game recruitment channel is “ALAU Recruitment”, but feel free to send me an Eve mail or message in game and we can talk further or you’ll be invited to our public discord channel.

Q. Where is the corp based?

We’re based in Amarr space and have access to both Lowsec and Highsec content.

Q. Do you guys PVP too?

At times yes, though it’s not our core goal. We have some experienced plays that like to do a roam in smaller gangs now and then or eve solo, but we largely leave the PVP portion up to our friendly Alliance and blues!

Q. What else does your patch of space have to offer?

We’ve setup in an area of space that has many activities to offer for solo and group play:

  • Level 4 missions nearby
  • Lowsec pockets nearby for PI
  • Corp & Alliance owned structures for research, production and contracts

Our in-game recruitment channel is "ALAU Recruitment"

Recruitment continues - Feel free to contact us in game in our public channel “ALAU Recruitment”

Shoot me an evemail if I’m offline, otherwise leave a corp application with some detail about you, your goals and what you want to achieve in the game… we will get back to you asap.

Recruitment still open - contact us today, or join our in game channel “ALAU Recruitment”

Recently recruited a few more from Canadian and European timezones into the alliance group. Few more Australians have joined the corp directly also. Feel free to contact me in game “Mako5” or join our recruitment channel “ALAU Recruitment” - Generally most active after downtime each day.

Thanks for responding to my in game mail. You guys sound great but I am not welcome in Galentte space. Please get in touch if you move to Caldari / Amar.

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Available frequently this weekend, hit me up by mail or our in game channel “ALAU Recruitment”

Still looking for more active Australian players! Hit me up in game, or in our recruitment channel mentioned above.

Got a few more active Australian players this week, looking for more - though we can find homes for US/EU timezone pilots in the Alliance group.

Still open for recruitment, also have a sister alliance open that is war ineligible.

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