Another old timer looking to return and find a home

I’ve been gone from Eve since attending the 2018 fanfest in Iceland. After fanfest I took a longer than expected break, but I am thinking of coming back.

I’m looking for:

A mature group of active pilots
Based in HS, LS or WH space (NOT part of a large null block)
A good mix of Indy/Ratting/Mission Runners/PVP pilots
Understand and appreciate more casual players with RL jobs and schedules.

What I’m not looking for:

Pirate/Gate camper/Griefer Corps
Corp and leadership drama
100% PVP focused

What I can offer:

A mature, high SP and self funded pilot
Excellent standings, mining and indy skills
Decent to good capital skills (but not much exp)
Active 8-16 hours per week in game on average
Highly skilled alts for PI, manufacturing and science

Hey Roeth!

Incorporated, a wormhole based Corp that also has presence in Hi-Sec. We have a heavy focus towards mining/industry but do PvE sites and PvP. We have people from different time zones across the US and UK.

Contact us through discord if you’re interested or have any other questions!

Thanks, will do.

Hello Roeth Whitestar,

I can recommend Critical Mass Inc. Nice bunch of guys!

But if you still are looking, have a look here --> Roleplaying player made lore based upon the eve lore stories & a player government to boot. Recruiting!

It’s something i am currently creating and have planned for some time. The hole thing is unique ( from what i know of) and should be of interest to you.

I hope to hear from you and good luck on your search!

With kind regards

// Tryme Trymsson

Thanks Tryme. I did speak with them and they do seem to be a good group.

I tossed you an ingame mail.

Hi @Roeth_Whitestar
Unsure of your TZ, but if you are looking for small gang pvp in nullsec with a great bunch of people, you would do well looking us up!

o/ Roeth!

I’m Davak Kateelo; a director in Critical Horizon, a C4 Red Giant < C3/C4 wormhole corp! After taking a look at your ad, I’m interested in speaking more to you about your future in Eve; here’s a bit more about us!

Culture wise; we are PVP-centric but we truly ‘live’ in the hole as opposed to just base-ing out of it, so there is krabbing/indy/PI (we can produce almost all P4’s inhole)/mining going on every so often. In combat, we like to try to use unconventional tactics to allow us to take fights that are smaller size wouldn’t normally allow (the CEO and I randomly rolled into a casual eviction in progress and shut it down with two assault frigates lol,4138&b=8674177&e=138&t=bw ).

We are not killboard nazis by any stretch; but we do strive to avoid silly mistakes and learn/improve after every fleet. We also have no minimum activity requirements. As a corp comprised mainly of late 20’s - early 30’s (in IRL age) members, we know that real life always comes first but do ask our members to be active when they are logged in. Being active can entail scanning, hunting, krabbing, whatever; but as a smaller corp (a wormhole corp especially) every member really counts.

If you’re interested in learning more, I’d love the opportunity to speak to you directly via discord here to see if we are a good fit for one another. Good luck with your corp search!


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