Ansiblex jump gates are a mistake

An actual example of projection.


That’s not the responses you got when you initially started posting, you got detailed responses explaining why it wouldn’t work and the effects on the game itself.

You chose to dismiss those responses with a blithe “I’m right” and thus far have failed to expand upon why you think that you’re right, and why CCP must change a significant part of the game to suit you and those that you claim to represent beyond …mainstream…

Your actions, arrogance, hostility and lack of social graces are why people dismiss you and your opinions as irrelevant.

You’re rude, and as such you now get rude responses to your agenda.

TL;DR You made your own bed, now you get to lie in it.


I have to say responses to this thread has been of rather disappointingly low quality unfortunately.

I would really appreciate it if people discussed the actual topic.

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You are correct, I apologise for going off topic I’ll STFU now.

Unfortunately that’s collateral damage, sorry.


Funny how the collateral damage occurred. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

As to the actual topic:

The hunters don’t like them but the defenders do.
Null sec is no longer the Wild West.
Big Blue Donut ACL Club.
Diamond rats can be co-opted to destroy the gates.

Has anything been missed?

Cleaned up a few off topic posts. :slight_smile:
Lets get back to the original discussion please!

But I thought that was the whole point, it’s a benefit of holding space? Possibly it’s too easy to hold space… though I don’t believe that’s the case either as it seems those that have extensive ‘JB Networks’ (for want of a better descriptor) are the large entities in-game, which makes sense, right?

I did… it sure is nice of Goons (and their friends) to let you use their infrastructure so your small gang can roam about and kill them :wink:

Once again, not a joke. So that you know for next time, this is an example of how CCP advises players of an exploit:

It’s really quite simple and not a joking matter at all.


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I guess this is end of the thread actually. Like in RL people played with anarchy and barbaric life and then build countries with armies and laws. It is only logical that 15 years of the game will lead to it.

The only question should be: is it possible to make people forget about civilization and return to happy survival and insecurity? We have enough fantasy movies to see what could in theory lead to this in RL. Every time it leads to severely reduced human population on the planet. Can this be done in the game? Will it lead to dropping player population even more than now?

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Well perhaps if the ACLs could be hacked, that could lead to disruption. :skull_and_crossbones:

I think it would be already a lot more interesting if the Jump gates were usable by everyone, not just the owner.

That way having the gates actually becomes a dual edged sword instead of just a pure win. (just get rid of the fuel cost)

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Something like

Successfully hacking an Ansiblex Jump Gate now modifies the behaviour of the gate, giving it a 20% chance to jump ships using the gate to any random jump gate in the region. There will be no visible signs of the hack. Refuelling the gate reinstates normal behaviour.

Cleaned thread a bit, some off-topic and arguments. Please remain courteous to all players and stay on topic.

CCP hurt their own game in more ways than one with the addition of these jump gates. The ice market has been dying ever since they were added. I suppose that’s what happens when you take the main use of a certain resource and drastically reduce how much of it is needed. Should have made the new gates require significant isotopes to offset.

I’ll take Blue Donut for 200, Alex


AlI hear are anti-Goon tears.

I hear nothing. How do you do that?? :open_mouth:

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Didn’t you get the memo? Any form of discussion about game mechanics is considered anti-Goon.

This is a feature that is bad for the game regardless of what block players are part of. I have already explained why and what a possible solution would be.

We will have an Eve Super Highway!!! From Delve to the drone lands and everywhere in between.

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