Answer to Mankind is recruiting players who’re looking for a small tight-knitted active community!

Hello there! o7

Are you tired of getting your ass kicked by some random ganking expeditions?
Is the idea of blasting one more rock in high-security space making your stomach turn upside down?
Are you bored of updating buy and sell orders in Jita?Are you standing there wondering why this game is supposed to be a multiplayer game while you’re hacking sites alone in some lost system?
Are you frustrated to be used as cannon fodder for one of the big corporations?
Or maybe you’re travelling helplessly in space wondering what you should do next?

Then look no further!

Who the ■■■■ am I?

My name is Bear Gryll and I’m a member of the corporation Answer to Mankind. We are a group of semi-veteran players (some of us started in 2008) who are restoring this corporation to its former glory by grabbing our own part of New Eden. We recently joined The Bastion alliance and moved to nullsec to participate in alliance warfare.

What are we up to?

We are an active PvP oriented jack-of-all trades corporation. We want to shoot other capsuleers while being able to do whatever we want to do as an isk-making activity. We are pilots who enjoy all sorts of activities in EVE. We are miners, industrialists, explorers, ratters, and traders. At the end of the day, we all rally up to partake in alliance fleet warfare and shoot some tin cans out of space!

What do we offer?

  • Null sec content.
  • Alliance warfare.
  • Small gang fleets.
  • PvP and PvE ship replacement program.
  • Mining Ops.
  • Skill doctrines.
  • Essential skills for making it in EVE.
  • Discord server.
  • A tight group of active players to hang out with.

What are our requirements?

They are pretty basics. We are looking for players that:

  • Have a positive and good attitude.
  • Hopefully have a working microphone as we think it’s important to engage in our community.
  • Have trained the Magic 14.
  • Omega clone.

Why I think you should join our corporation:

We strive to make our corporation more than a corporation, we want our corporation to feel like a second home. A place where you can have fun with some friends while blowing ■■■■ up and making (and losing) some isk. What we lack in quantity we make up for in quality! Just come hang out in our public channel to see what we are all about and you might understand what I mean.

In game recruitment channel: A.M Recruitment

Whether you join us or not, I hope that you find the corporation and group of players that you’re looking for!

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