Any chance on mouse-over preview?

(Lord Rolfski) #1

Being able to instantly see with mouse-over what a topic is about is a big time saver, so I would love to see this implemented.

(Chance Ravinne) #2

100% agreed.

(Dravos Tarimus) #3

+1 this is something I’d really like to see

(Erika Mizune) #4

This would be very nice to have. :pray:

(Sasha Nemtsov) #5

100% support for this.

Also, helps to weed out headline click-bait…

(Lord Rolfski) #6

Exactly this: Not only is it a huge time saver, click-baits becoming ineffective will more likely than not improve the general quality of the postings.

(Mr Mieyli) #7

You know, a feature like this could kill off a lot of threads before they get interesting. Sometimes a bad OP does develop into a good thread anyway.

(Sasha Nemtsov) #8

I know what you mean, Mr Mieyli, but a mouse-over preview feature wouldn’t prevent those who wish to do so further investigating the thread.

In my - albeit limited - experience, the general direction of a bad OP thread is towards the off-topic and Hat COD; both of which are likely to be bombed by ISD.

Having said that, some apparetnly attractive OPs, degenerate quickly into garbage.

I haven’t always the time to pursue a thread into its 6th or 7th page in order to find something ‘interesting’. If I turn up to watch a 100m sprint, and the athletes decide to forsake their lanes in order to undertake a leisurely jog around their favourite local park (however ‘interesting’), I shall be understandably irritated.