Add something to distinguish a thread you've read vs one with a new message in it

(Cassiel Seraphim) #1

Currently I can’t find any way to see from a list of threads, which one has actual new posts in them. They all look the same.

What am I missing?

(Steve Ronuken) #2

while it may not be what you want, you could always track the topics you’re interested in.

That way, when there’s a new post, it flags it for you.

(Cassiel Seraphim) #3

Thanks, but that’s contingent on me flagging each topic I find interesting. This is a much larger problem that won’t be fixed by micromanaging.

(Cassiel Seraphim) #4

In short, when browsing a forum I want to instantly see which threads I’ve read … simple as that. Without having to go around flagging this or that.


Oh my, are you asking for a common feature & usability element? Tsk tsk :stuck_out_tongue:

(Winter Archipelago) #6

A way to distinguish the difference between new posts and a post simply being “Liked” would be nice, as well, as currently, a “Like” will bump a thread.


Cripes, I hadn’t noticed that yet, but you’re right. That’s a screwed up thing.

(Cassiel Seraphim) #8

Flash over substance, right? That’s the new design philosophy. Don’t get me wrong, a lot of features introduced are nice, but so many basic, downright necessary features are glaringly missing.


It’s web stuff, beats me why, but this is always the same - no matter what the focus is.

(CCP Avalon) #10

Just so that I’m understanding your request clearly, is this for topics you have entered (read), or all topics in general?

If it’s for topics you’ve entered/read, it’s a preference matter. :aura:
Basically the option is the same as @Steve_Ronuken suggested, but automated. You may find these settings in you preferences (click portrait in top nav, then the cog)

EDIT: If I had read further down I would’ve received the answer to my question :facepalm:
Yes the feature you’re looking for is to change the default 4 minutes to “immediately” :fedo:

(Cassiel Seraphim) #11

I’m not sure you understand what I’m asking for. So let me show you.

First, to see what you suggested I made the changes to my preferences, this is what they look like:

Then I went about reading through a few of the top threads from my latest feed, then took a screenshot of them:

As you can clearly see, there’s virtually no distinction at all between the top thread that has a new post in it, and the following three threads that I have fully read that have nothing new on them.

(Cassiel Seraphim) #12

There’s also some weird stuff going on with the notification, as shown here:

Most of the threads get no indicator at all (for the top two mentioned ones, those are threads with new posts in them that I haven’t read), but a single one did (the one further down).

(Steve Ronuken) #13

While it’s not what you’re asking for: there’s the ‘unread’ tab you cat get to at the top? (or via the menu)


So as it isn’t what he’s asking for, why mention it :stuck_out_tongue: Highlighting an observational issue doesn’t benefit from sidestepping it by pointing to something else. Substitution isn’t the default solution.

(Cassiel Seraphim) #15

@CCP_Avalon … any chance of this? See my posts after yours for the clarification. Your suggestion doesn’t help this first glance problem.

The solution isn’t to go read everything to see if there’s anything to read, or manually put everything and everyone on “watching” or “tracking” before you could even get basic information like this.