Some kind of page/section separation

It is really hard to read a constant never ending stream of messages. I’m having a really hard time orient myself in a thread with 20+ messages. In the old forums it was easier because there were pages. Here I feel really lost.

Is there a way to set some kind of separator or “page counter” ever 20 posts or something like that. Right now it is more like a fancy chat instead of forum :confused:


A second this request as many times as possible it is to “second”. Please?


I’ve used the forums for something like 3-4 hours and it’s getting harder and harder to like it :worried:

Selecting a thread I’ve read before brings me to my last position. Nice if there are only two threads in this forum but it’s kinda hard to remember the topic and all the arguments for all the threads I read. I normaly fly over a few posts to get an idea of what the topic and direction actually was and then go on to read the rest.

Now it is:

  • click on topic
  • got all the way up
  • read again
  • go all the way back down
  • find the position where you where when you opened the thread
  • read from here

This is really tiresome. All of this was really easy before because there were pages. I am used to pages! I like pages!

Again. Super awesome for a chat tool. But for a discussion board? meh…


+1 to this. Some threads can get thousands of posts! Can you imagine having all that on a single page?

Very enthusiastically seconded.

There is a counter/slider along the right side that shows your position as you go. It changes to a smaller counter while writing a reply:



Yes, I can, and that is one of the greatest things about Discourse - when a threat gets more than 50 posts, it offers you a summary that highlights the posts in the thread that have gotten the most interaction (likes, replies, deeplinks, etc).

And as I posted immediately above, there is a slider that shows you where you are at in the thread. Don’t worry about having to load the whole page for a huge thread either - it only loads the parts near where you are scrolled, and then continues loading as you scroll, so that the page doesn’t take a long time to load with all those posts.

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Yes. And they’re kind of interesting features, certainly, but hardly a substitute for proper pages.

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Proper pages are a pain in the ass Pagination means having to let go of a familiar, comfortable interface for getting more content (the scroll wheel) and go hunt down the right button to click on the page. It’s not 1999 anymore, we shouldn’t be restricted to looking at discussions in 50 post chunks.