Found something I like better about these here newfangled forums

Anyone else notice you can unpin threads so you don’t have to see them at the top of the thread list anymore.


And by extension lose sight of important topics? And make it harder for other people to point morons with their redundant ideas/suggestions to already existing topics because they don’t have them pinned? Yes, this feature sure is great.

This again will be a feature that some people like, and one that other people hate.

For anyone who is not already aware of the feature, by default (unless something has changed) once you start reading a pinned topic it will be unpinned. To change this feature, so that all pinned topics stay at the top of their sections. Go to your settings , and the interface page and uptick this option Automatically unpin topics when I reach their last post.

Could the default be set to keep them pinned. That seems a better default option. Then people can choose to change it if they wish

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