Pinned topics

… can be unpinned by the user - not that that affects me really, but it doesn’t make sense to me: if I was a community dev and went to the trouble to pin something, wouldn’t I want to make sure it stayed pinned? :scratchhead:

Also, no :scratchhead: emoji…

It’s only unpinned for you though. Pinned means it stays on top until you read it (by default it unpins if you scroll to the bottom). You then personally have the option to re-pin or leave it as is. All working as intended. :aura:

@CCP_Avalon Its odd that it auto-unpins the moment you read the pinned thread. Even after you re-pin it. Seems like the pin feature is a 1 time type feature, why not only auto-unpin the first time and if they re-pin it should never auto-unpin on them?

The unpin is a feature that triggers when you reach the bottom of the topic. You can disable this in your preferences, and then choose when you want to unpin instead. :slight_smile:

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What kind of logic is this? If a topic is pinned, it’s important and always under any circumstances ought to stay on top. Unpinning something just by scrolling in a forum design that relies so heavily on scrolling or deliberately with a click makes the forum a lot less comprehensible and less readable.

This auto-unpin box should be opt-in, not opt-out because this option makes the forum experience a lot less feasible and coherent.

How does this even work? I had this option enabled and scrolled to the bottom of this forum until it said “No new posts. Why not create a topic” but the 2 pinned topics at the top (change log and announcement) are still pinned.