Thread and Forum Display Controls

I can’t see anything under preferences that lets you control how the thread of a topic is displayed. EG: I just posted a reply to a thread and the reply is appearing at the bottom. I really want to be able to look at the original post + the most recent reply at the top.

It’d also be useful if there was a way to expand or contract replies to replies so that a popular thread doesn’t necessarily become unwieldy or massive, or difficult to navigate.

It’d also be useful to be able to control how many topics are displayed under each heading on the initial landing page. At the moment it’s three, but personally I might be happier seeing 5-10, however currently there’s no way to control this.

As old ForumGold user I already wondered how I could PIN threads on the main forum page ;).

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Hi @Mu_ad_Diib and @TheSmokingHertog,
Let me address a few points here:

As far as I know you cannot pin forum sections on the index page, however you can bookmark any thread in the category pages. To do this go to the bottom and click the ribbon icon. To view your bookmarks, click on your user image on the nav bar and click the bookmark button.

While you cannot pin generic threads to the top. Threads that the moderator team pin will be at the top of your pin section until you view it for the first time. Once you reach the bottom of that thread it will un-pin. If you want these topics to stay pinned (You can unpin the threads yourself)

Go to your preferences

Go to the interface section
Untick the ‘Automatically unpin topics’ check box,
Log out and back in.
The reply button does not quote a reply by default, you can do this by highlighting a section of text, and then clicking the reply button that pops up. There is also a quote button in the text editor.

I hope this helps. If you have any other questions don’t be afraid to ask.

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Thanks for the reply. I did know how to bookmark threads, but that doesn’t really answer what I wrote.

The threading model here is insane. Reply to something in a long thread, and it will magic-scroll you to your reply. Then you have to figure out where you were reading and scroll back if you want to keep reading.

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@ tvasnar Always first reopen the post you want to comment to in a new tab by clicking the day/time-code permalink. Then reply, close tab, read on. Bit of a hassle, but this way I read lot’s and lot’s of pages due to this idiotic behavior all over the interwebs.

There’s an option in your preferences > interface for “Don’t jump to my post after I reply”

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