The Bottom Bar Issue

new forums really great. But there are few things not really working as intended. One of these things that bothers me is the big bar at the bottom that appears on conversations/threads from time to time.
It seems to be connected or some kind of “leftover” from the box that appears while replying. Anyways it looks really terrible and should go away. The forum should just end there, without that grey-ish monstrosity.

Also, I think the reply-bar should move the forum up. As the website would end at the beginning of that box.
I’d like to have a look at the last post when I answer to a topic and usually that is not a big problem. As it is right now, I would have to scoll down after clicking on the reply-button which adds (unnecessary) extra effort. If the topic would “go up” while the reply-box is open and down again after I finished, that would be a big comfort change and feel a lot better.

What browser (name & version) are you using when this occurs?
Are there any plugins in the browser you think could be associated with this behavior?

I’m having a little difficulty reproducing this.

I’m using Firefox 54.0 (32-Bit) on a Windows 10 64-Bit up to date machine.
I have only the “Integrated Google Calendar” extension and only standard plugins.

As said, it seems to occur only sometimes. Most of the times it is fine and shows as I expect it. I’ll try to reproduce it myself and give you some more details :slight_smile:

Well, I tried. Couldn’t make it work.
It appeared here right after I answered - but then was gone after the next scrolling. It didn’t show up on any other post after I tried everything from replying over dragging the reply-bar up to closing stuff.

If no one else has this issue, take it as a hick-up my browser has :smiley:
I will update this if I can find anything more.

Thx for your fast answer though :wink:

Well, I think I got it now.
Every time I reply to a post - the bar is “leftover” there. It stays until I “reload” the side or switch to another topic etc.
I think that is the best information I can provide right now - if you need more information, please ask directly.

PS: Sorry for the trible post - was kinda on purpose to recreate the issue :slight_smile:

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Thanks for your hard work in reproing this, we’ll definitely look into trying to get this fixed. :smiley:

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