Confusing how comments listed

(Kaoraku Shayiskhun) #1

Ok so maybe it is only my problem, and maybe it is already discused, but at least I try the new topic creation too.

I think it is extremly confusing and messy that if there is an answer to a specific post you can open it under the original post, but later it will list those comments directly in the topic.
If it is answer to a specific post it should be under only that post (like reddit), or there should be a link what show the original msg (not jump there, couse you will total confused and missleaded after a while).

(CCP Avalon) #2

These forums provide the option of semi-nested replies. This gives you the option of two things:

  • Read the forums in the post order, identical behavior to the old forums
  • Requires nothing but scrolling
  • See context replies immediately at the push of a button (marked in red on pic)
  • Each reply has a button to jump directly to that post in the thread, to maintain context (green on pic)

(Kaoraku Shayiskhun) #3

I forget to say thank you for that much attention even with pictures. I think I just have to adapt to that way.

I would like to mention something else.

I think it is a little too much how the forum would like to “guide” me at posting. Just a few minutes ago it warned me that I replied to that guy in this topic 3 times, and I should talk with other people to or use PM.
This is ridicuolus. This is a forum. People talk about things, they say things, the other one reflect to it. And since there is a direct reply fucntion to a post I will reply to a specified people’s post. I don’t think so it is necessery to tray to control us that much.

(Messoroz) #4

This is ridicuolus. This is a forum. People talk about things,[/quote]

Welcome to Discourse, thinking it knows whats best for you. Post your criticism on the discourse forums and they’ll ban you for “hurting team morale”.

I’m not joking.

(Morrigan Laima) #6

The “replying too much thing” is not meant to be a barrier to discussion, but rather subtle hints not to turn a civil debate into an uncivil argument. The whole software was designed with the psychology of the people using it in mind, to nudge people in a good direction instead of forcing them or relying on heavy handed moderation.

A large part of the last several years of Discourse’s development have been analyzing user behavior in other forums, finding what derails threads, what gets people heated, and all the other little behaviors that make a forum cancer and figuring out how best to guide people away from those behaviors. They know exactly what they are doing with these “suggestions”, they’ve carefully considered the balance between annoying users and guiding users, and in the case where user testing has shown they make a difference they err on the side of teaching nagging users not to be inconsiderate assholes.

As a result, sometimes these little hints are extraneous, sometimes they help us remember to be respectful, sometimes they show you the thread that already exists that you should have used instead of trying to make a new one. :slight_smile:

(Kaoraku Shayiskhun) #7

It is only annoying, and make the feeling that CCP not handle us as matures. It covers half of the posting area. It came in a total good, civilized argument, so there was no point at all.

Show me that maybe there is another topic about that is fine. But suggesting that I should stop talking in public to somebody is dumb.

(Morrigan Laima) #8

Extended back and forth discussion between two people is frequently a sign of a) a heated argument. or b) two people dominating a thread for no good reason. That’s why the message is there, to remind you to examine your own behavior. You are free to ignore the message at that point or to check yourself and move to PM or discontinue the conversation as appropriate.

(yellow parasol) #9

I’ve seen someone start an “offtopic thread” inside a thread, so they didn’t derail the main one.

(Morrigan Laima) #10

Yep, Discourse has a “reply as new topic” function for when you go off on a tangent, it’s accessible from the “link” button (that you also use for sharing a post):

After you click that, then you just click the “+New Topic” button:

Now you are starting a new thread, with markup included that will magically cross reference to the exact point in the old thread you spun off of. You can choose which forum to post in from the dropdown, so you can easily shunt a conversation that’s gotten off topic into the correct forum.

When you publish that post, the old thread gets a link added from the post you were replying to to the new thread automatically.

(yellow parasol) #11

that’s going to be really helpful!

(Ivory Harcourt) #12

I’ve seen some totally civil discussion ,mostly related to some software, when a user asked questions and developer kept responding. Are they going to thoughtpolice THAT?

It’s quite alarming.

(Kaoraku Shayiskhun) #13

Ok so even if it looks like I not understand what you sayin, I do.

And no matter what is the reason of this, I think it is unnecessary, agressive, and dishonesting. Even if I can ignore it. Especially if I can ignore it it’s not needed, couse I can deicide without it I want to answer or not.

Anyway, thanks for that suggestion with the offtopic thing.

(Morrigan Laima) #14

There’s a reason it’s a message, and not a hard block. The fact that the message appears doesn’t mean that you are necessarily out of line, it means that you should take a second and examine what you are doing before you click that reply button.